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Discounts and Directions

If you are looking for a discount show coupon  keep scrolling down this page. If you are  Looking for directions and discounts to the Reno Comedy Show  Get Hypnotized in Reno  here are your directions.

Also there are no refunds ,  exchanges or price adjustments allowed.
All discounts are taken of of a full priced adult ticket and we cannot waive the facility fee.

Any sort of discount or coupon is not valid for online sales and must be given to the clerk prior to buying your ticket. In the event of a dispute. Don't be mean to her she is on some new medication that has side effects which may result in your castration...


Keep reading!

We think most discount offers are  BOARRRRRRIIIINNNNG!!!

Take a look through our discounts and see if there is one for...  even you.

October 2010: EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN FOR ME DISCOUNT: Purple hair?  Do you have a nose ring for each day of the month? Did your best friend cut your hair with dog  grooming clippers? Do you look like you work at HotTopic?
You deserve a break save $5.00

April 16 and 17 TAX CHEAT FORGIVENESS ADMISSION DISCOUNT.  Admit you cheated on your taxes and save $5.00 on an adult ticket. (Since you've got cash...Be sure to pay with the cash that you saved from cheating on your taxes)

Interracial family discount: Are you used to confused looks, harsh stares and  poor customer service? When you go to a restaurant do they make you  sit in the back next to the dirty dishes? Do your neighbors "forget" to invite you to join them on barbecues, duck hunts and family night  at the monster truck smash? Us too. We want you to know that its the rest of the world that's got it all wrong.  So join us and we will treat you with respect and seat you right up front for a change.  Be creative and make your own  interracial  family discount coupon and present this coupon to our interracial clerk (who only looks white)  and save $5.00 per adult ticket.

ps: We are the only business on EARTH to have the balls to offer an Interracial family discount. Please be an overly uptight litigious, right wing American and report us to some multi lettered bureau of the federal government or find an attorney with a diploma from a fancy sounding  "on-line law school" to sue us for violating some law that forbids such discounts. We can use the FREE publicity.

Celebrity Look alike  discount:
Do you look like Oprah, Larry King, Jay Leno, George Lopez, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Connan, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Rosie O’Donnel, Ellen, Howard Stern , Kathy Griffin,  Montell, Maury, Marge Simpson, Jerry Springer, Adam Corolla, Regis, Tom Greene or Simon? We think you deserve a break. Save $5.00 on an adult ticket. 
PS Anyone looking like Pamela Anderson gets moved  front row center.

NCVA Volleyball 2011 Tournament Discount:
You were so much fun last year. We would love to have you back. Please see your coach for your special deal for volleyball players

Hot August Nights 2011 / Car Club Attendees: Come on in and  walk up to our clerk, take out your wallet and show her the new pictures of your car that are now covering up the pictures of your wife and children, shout "Beep, Beep,"  and save $5.00 on an adult ticket

Michael Jackson Fans.  Michael Jackson The King of Pop Will Live on In Our Hearts Forever Too.
Wear your Michael Jackson Costume and save $5.00 on your ticket.  (Moonwalk across the lobby and you just might end up in the show)

Rib Cookoff  2011 Show Special
Come in to our shows box office during the  rib cookoff and Yell at our salad eatin vegetarian ticket seller
"I Love Animals...They taste GREAT!" And  after  she picks herself up off the floor
You will  save $5.00 on  any  adult ticket.

Fourth of July Events in Reno Nevada: Friday JULY 2 and Saturday.  Catch our 4th of July weekend special!
Wear or bring your American Flag Sing Yanke Doodle Dandy and save $5.00 on  your ticket.
(Good at door only)

August -Sept  2011 Burning Man Weekend Special  Friday And Saturday   8pm shows
BURNERS Wear  a Tye Dye T- Shirt (unofficial uniform of Burning Man ) and
save $5.00
There is plenty of FREE parking for your  jalopy in the courthouse parking  lot across the street (I swear I'm not making this up)

June 2011 in Reno Reno Rodeo fans
wear a cowboy / cowgirl hat and save $5.00 at the door.
Please leave your horse upstairs.

June 19-27 Tree huggin' animal lovin' salad eatin' Rodeo protesters
bring your protest sign get save  $5.00 at the door.  

2011 Animal rights safari club protesters come on down and spend your night with us. save $5.00

Reno Aces Baseball Discount
Love baseball, rock hard pretzels and overpriced beer? So do we!  Show us a ticket stub from any Reno Aces baseball game and save $5.00 on one  full priced adult ticket.

"Crazy  Reno Nevada  Hypnotist Pays  $5.00 for  Worthless Stock Certificates"
Did you lose your shirt in the stock market? Bring in your worthless stock certificates and receive a $5.00  discount.  ( one worthless stock certificate per person)

Yellow Pages I Hate Lawyers On The  Back Page of My Yellow Pages Book Special:   Bring in the back page of any yellow pages book.   Rip it up and stomp on it in front of our cashers and scream  out  this quote  from Macbeth, "FIRST LETS  KILL ALL THE LAWYERS! - save $5.00

I'm Milking Unemployment discount:   (Good on Weeknights only)
You are not working and you don't have to get up early. So there  is no reason  you shouldn't go out and enjoy yourself while milking unemployment. Why not  enjoy yourself and   save a few bucks at the same time? Bring your  unemployment  check stub and save $5.00 on your ticket.  PS:  Drop off an application while you're here so you can say you applied for a job.

Welfare cheat special:  (Good on weeknights only) Are you cheating  welfare?   You know who you are. Because you get free food, free rent and other social services, we know you have  money for   cigarettes, liquor and entertainment.  It's not fair that 7-11 gets all your money. We want  some of  the governments  money too. Show our cashier  your welfare card or your wic  voucher  and save  $5.00 
Sorry we cannot accept  food stamps as payment for tickets to this show.

"Day Without a Gay Discount:" We  have heard that some folks down in California have  come up with some creative  scheme to bring every shoe store, ad agency and art gallery to a screeching halt by asking every  gay person in California to,  "Call in "Gay."  So while your not  working just  bring your happy self up to Reno, spend some of your cash in Nevada  and come to our show.  Just show up with your rainbow flag and save $5.00

Reedin an Rightin Library  Card Discount:  Does your library card get you a discount anywhere? Well it does here. We like people who can reed -n- right.  But unlike the library, this place is not supported by the government and book fines. Show your library card and save $5.00

Postal Worker Discount:  Because Postal workers spend most of their day walking around in hypnosis,  you'll love this show.  Wear your mail man uniform and your safari hat and save  $5.00  (Please check gun at  door.)  

Bring Your Babushka: (Russian word for Grandma) Da camrades! Babushkas need to get out  and have some fun too.  Bring  your Babushka and save $5.00 per person.  (Ve keeps bar full vith coldest Vodka vest of Moscow)

Chicken Soup  For The Soul Book Lovers Discount - bring in  your favorite copy of any Chicken Soup For The Soul books just show it to the  cashier read the first sentence from your favorite chapter and save $5.00 on your ticket.

8 track tape lovers discount:  Do you still have  your 8 track tapes? Bring one in give it to our cashier and  save 5 bucks on  your ticket.  Please no Barry Manillow, Leaf Garrett or Partridge Family tapes.  (He  already has them all)

Stuck in the 80's Discount: Do you still have big hair? Do you  wear  day glow parachute pants, sport a mullet  and a muscle T? Force your kids to watch The  Brady Bunch, Brett Michaels Rock of Love and   listen to  Bon Jovi, New Kids on The  Block or   Motley Crue while you drive them to school in the mini van???   So do we!   Get your can of Aqua Net ( responsible for global warming)  and do up your  big hair and  C'mon down  with this coupon your  80's hairstyle and save $5.00 (black comb in back  pocket optional.)

12 step group members stepping out package:  If you are a member of  AA, OA, EA, GA or any other  2 vowled anonymous  group.  We are  happy to have you.  Gather   all of your, anxiety filled, dysfunctional  friends that you only know by their first name and your co-dependant spouses and  have a good laugh.  Tell our   cashier  you want the I'm addicted to 12 step groups special and  save $5.00 per ticket.
Extra note: Even though we think 12 steppers make a great audience please don't volunteer to become   hypnotized in the show.  Your just too wacky. Instead please enjoy the show from the  safety and comfort of your padded  seat.

Mavricks Discount: Are you a maverick? Did it upset you that  John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin stole your tag line?  Tell our cashier "I'm a mavrick" and  save  $5.00

Casino Rewards Card: This  show will bring you  good luck.  Bring in your gaming rewards card  from any casino and you will get  $5.00 off your ticket. Gamblers who come to our show have been known to win jackpots, hit a royal flush, cash in on bingo, keno, horse racing, black jack, craps, roulette, poker,  and attract a harem of beautiful women.

Ross the intern squeaky voice  discount:  Are you a guy who has a squeaky voice and campy mannerisms like Jay Leno's pal,  Ross The Intern?  We'd bet you will be a funny person to  have  in our audience and that you'll be a great  hypnotized volunteer.  Go to the tonight show web site and print a picture of Ross The Interns  nerdy  face coupon of his smiling face and bring it to our  cashier and save $5.00

Grandmas Grandpas  Day
Grandma and Grandpas are special: They make you pies, sew your socks, can fix anything and remind  you to save for the coming great depression. (Now in progress.  See they were right) And  do you know what?  We don't have a special day for them. We have  fathers and mothers and secretaries day but  no Grandmas and Grandpas  Day. Here at Get Hypnotized every day is Grandmas Grandpas  Day. Just bring in your  grandma or grandpa with  10 or more  family and   grandma and grandpa get in for FREE.
Please have Grandmas and Grandpas bring a sweater and  cotton or earplugs as we can  not turn  down the volume  or adjust the  temperature of the room.  Wheelchair and scooter  seating is available.

Twins and triplets discount: are you a twin or a triplet? How cool is it to be a twin or a triplet.  Dress in identical clothes and save $5.00  

Smith / Jones Ordinary Family name  discount: Is your last name Smith or Jones? Give yourself a discount. Present  this coupon along  with your Id declaring  yourself as one of the millions of people with an ordinary last name and save  $5.00

Domestic help discount coupon:  When is the last time you took your  landscaper, house keeper or nanny out on the town?  Did you say never?   Time to live dangerously.  Tak'em out for a night of fun.
Bring in your family and your domestic helpers and save $5.00 per head.
(you can even write it off on your taxes) 

Illegal date I'm not with my wife / husband  discount: So your in Reno with someone other then your spouse? So is everyone else!
Just admit it and save $5.00 per ticket (remember to pay in cash so there is no proof you were ever here) 

Losing Lotto ticket: Do you have a losing lotto ticket from California or any other state?  Its worth 5 bucks.  Just show it to  our clerk and save $5.00

Did you get a parking or a traffic ticket? We are located  right across the street from the courthouse. Just show us  your ticket and tell us your stupid excuse that the judge didn't buy and admit that you were an idiot and save $5.00

Bed Bath and Beyond ridiculous item discount: Does your wife  buy  hot pot holders that look like watermelons and does she buy soaps that you are not allowed to open?
Our wives think this is normal too. 
Bring in any ridiculous item that you wive got from Bed Bath and Beyond  and save $5.00

Sarah Palin Glasses: Did you go out and  get a pair of glasses just like Cariboo Barbie Sarah Palin? Slap them on your pretty  face and come on down and save  5 bucks

Mervyn's, and Circuit City Defunct Gift Crads : Did your Mervyn's or Circuit City  gift card become a  worthless plastic when they  filed for bankruptcy?    Bring in your worthless gift card and save 5 bucks on your ticket.

Sing Karaoke: Karaoke its just like singing …only worse.  Sing a few bars to our cashier  in your worst voice and save  5 bucks.

Mad Magazine Fans Discount -  Mad magazine is by far the  greatest  example of sophisticated American literature ever created that's suitable for resale in fine  establishments such as 7-11 and Kmart magazine stands.  Bring in your  favorite  issue of Mad Magazine and show it to the  clerk and  save $5.00

Motorcycle  Magazines  and Street vibrations: Bring in your favorite motorcycle magazine or carry in your helmet. Look at our cashier and    say " Vroom, vroom" and save $5.00 per ticket.

Hot August Nights / Car Club Attendees: Come on in and  walk up to our clerk, take out your wallet and show her the new pictures of your car that are now covering up the pictures of your children, shout "Beep, Beep," Save  $5.00

Elvis Impersonators: Wear your entire Elvis  costume walk in and declare yourself as " The King"  and get in for FREE.

Idiots guide book readers discount- If you are smart enough to admit that you are an idiot at something you are the  kind of person we like. Bring in any Idiots guide show it to our cashier and save $5.00 per ticket.

AAA members want a discount on everything discount.  We'll give you one too.  Show your AAA card and save 10% per ticket.

Cheapskate  senior citizen discounts: bring in your AARP, Good Sams Club or  any other  discount card that you get for being an old fart  and save $5.00. Please  wear  your  sweater as the theater is drafty and  we cannot   adjust the temperature. Also  please don't complain the  music is too loud. We  have  selected a level that is  fairly  suitable for the majority of the audience most of who are younger than your  underwear so  you might wanna bring ear plugs.  A Wheel chair or scooter elevator is available by request.

Cost-co member discount: Cost-co members are used to oversized  stuff.  Show your Costco membership and  receive a discount of $5.00 per ticket.  Our clerk will give you an
oversized ticket

National Enquirer, Globe Magazine Readers:   Elvis sightings?   UFO abductions? We believe that The National Inquirer and Globe Magazines are the finest most trust worthy sources of  news available in America.  Bring down any a copy of any National Enquirer or Globe magazine and save  $5.00

Cosmo Magazine readers: Do you read Cosmo magazine? We  think chicks that read  cosmo have a wild side and make great  hypnotic volunteers. Bring in  the cover of any cosmo magazine and  save $5.00

Southwest  travelers discount; Did you fly southwest airlines  into Reno?  Bring  in your Southwest airlines  peanuts wrapper  and save $5.00   Our seats actually have  leg room and you don't have to fasten your seat belt here.  PS: Very large people do  not  have to buy 2 seats.

Are you a Southwest  Airlines Employee? Most of you are  pretty  fun and you are used to watching people do silly things in confined spaces.  Show your Southwest ID and save  $5.00

USBC Bowlers Discount: Grab your balls put on your  bowling shirt,  show  your  USBC  card  and save $5.00

Golfers discount. Got Balls? Bring in 2  golf balls and show them at the  door and save $5.00.

Mexicans fleeing Nazi occupied Arizona: Amigos Y Amigas: If you are a Mexican fleeing Nazi occupied Arizona, you could probably use a break and you are welcome here so  me casa su casa amigo bring sus familia!   This economy is so awful we now take pesos.

Kiss fan discount: Are you a kiss fan?  Wear your KISS  shirt and save 5.00  come in  Kiss make up and  save $5.00 at the door and you might even get a FREE gift.

Gay marriage  License:  Hypnotized gays are funny. Are you a big enough iconoclast to stand up against  societies  cherished  values  that marriage  should be only be  between a woman and a man so that you can    be as miserable as the rest of us?  Bring in your  gay marriage  certificate,  wear your rainbow suspenders  and save $5.00  Dress in drag as Cher, Dianna Ross or Madonna and get in for FREE .

Kathy Griffin Fans Discount: Kathys got her gays,  we need our ours.   Wear your  favorite shoes and  come on down and ask for  the  Kathy Griffin Fan discount. Save $5.00

Ebay Discount Coupon:  $300.00 for a beanie baby?  900.00 for a potatoe that looks like Jay Lenos  chin?  If you buy or sell on Ebay you are our kind of person.  Show  us a receipt for any item you  have bought or sold on Ebay and  save $5.00

Myspace / Face book friends discount.  Do you spend countless hours on myspace or facebook? You really need to get out more often.  Email all of your myspace and  facebook friends and invite them to  our show.   Then make yourself up a  counterfit coupon and  save $5.00

Mexican Cultural Item Special:  If you have  traveled to Mexico and spent time visiting  such important famoso   Mexican cultural locations such as  Cabo Wabo,   Senior Frogs or the Hard Rock Café and you have the T shirt to prove it. We  think you should be rewarded for your  contribution to high culture. Wear your  Senior  Frogs or Cabo  Wabo T shirt  or hat and save  $5.00

Forcelosure Discount: Is your  house in foreclosure?  You need  to  a break man… You need to laugh!  Present  your notice of default  to our cashier  and receive the I can't make  my house payment  but I need a fun escape special? Save $5.00

Englands Passport to Lesiure  ES40, Job Seekers Card Discount:- Are you an unemployed  British citizen on holiday in  Reno instead of out looking for a job?
Good for you mate. We think people "on welfare" make a great audience no matter what country they are from.
Bring your Passport To Leisure  with you. We are the only place in the United States who will give you a discount on a British welfare  card.  Bring it in and  save  5 quid. (Cheers mate.) You can even wear your football colors and you'll be happy to know they sell Fish and Chips across the street.

Harry  Potter Fans  Dress as your  favorite Harry Character - save $5.00

Calling all Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans and Trekkies : You will love that our theater is underneath the earth. Park your  space ship on the roof  and come on down below the earth  to our underground theater.
Dress as your favorite  caricature and save  $5.00
Please leave, phasers,  light sabers, swards and other space weapons ( real or not) at home.  You must be able to see perfectly and walk down our stairs easily in your costume. You also must be able to keep your costume within your seat.

Starbucks Card Holders - Do you like funny shows and  overpriced coffee? 
We've got  overpriced coffee too.
Show  us your Starbucks club card  and save  $5.00 which you can turn right around and  spend on our overpriced coffee.

Canadians get a discount too eh? -  Are you coming to Reno From Canada? We love Canadians. You guys are polite, your country is beautiful and one day you will make a great little state. Show your Canadian passport and wear anything with the Canadian maple leaf (which seems to be on  everything you guys wear)  and save  5 bucks.
And don't worry you don't have to tip anyone here.

Carrot Top Discount: Do you have  red hair?  Do people call you red, carrot top  and other  names?  We think you deserve a break.  Bring your  independent  personality, and your  beautiful carrot top. Show  our  cashier your  smiling freckled face  and save 5 bucks.

Busty women discount: Everyone loves  busty women. If  you have  the  type of hooters that  make  men crash  their cars.   We'd love to have you around.  You  obviously know what to wear. Just come on down and  tell our cashier you want the  Bodacious  Tat-ta  discount and save  $5.00  (that's  2.50 per hooter)... Shake em and we just might tip you..

Skiers and Snowboarders Ski Lift Discount: If you are coming to Reno or Lake Tahoe To ski or snowboard  this is great  evening entertainment and you will love being hypnotized. Show us your lift ticket (yes you can leave it on your jacket) and save $5.00 ( Bring in a small bag of snow  and save another buck (no yellow snow please)

Ski  the night before  you ski party  package discount. Did you arrive in Reno the  night before you ski?   Wear your ski gloves and bring in the  I'm going skiing tomorrow party package discount coupon. Write in  the ski resort you are going to tomorrow. Show it to our cashier and save $5.00

Ski Hypnotized Lake Tahoe Reno Ski Resort Ski Party, Ski Specials, Discounts And Packages:
If you are coming to Reno or Lake Tahoe To ski or snowboard  this is great  evening entertainment and you will love being hypnotized  Show us your  lift ticket  ( yes you can leave it on your jacket) and save $5.00

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Our society is so litigious even a wacky discount coupon promotion needs a legal disclaimer

Before I wrote these discounts I checked with my lawyer Mr. I.B. Screwenum who said they are all probably illegal and discriminatory in some way and will probably get me on an episode of Judge Judy or Court TV.
The good news is that they are so "out there"
  if I ever get sued, I can easily plead insanity.

If you feel that the promotions to the  Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis show in Reno are  offensive or
inappropriate... this show is not for you.

And if you  are upset by all the typos, mispellins and improper use of grammar on this site ... you can blame the kalifornia publick edgeakational cystem, for passing a guy who did his Senior project on "Mad Magazine as American Literature."  So if all of this bothers you, well...this  show is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY  NOT FOR YOU!

  We are just having fun. These promotions  were  designed to put a smile on your face and to give you a fun way to save a few bucks on some  family friendly fun while you are in Reno.

  Its just entertainment, so please lighten up.
-Chris Cady, Master Hypnotist Reno Nevada

PS: If you  really peeved here is a good website for you

Now If you are looking for a family  activity when you are in Reno this is the best show and the best activity to do in Reno Nevada

Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis Show in Tahoe
or Reno
Nevada Discounts, Specials, Promotions

Chris Cady's
Get Hypnotized.
Legal disclaimer and special notice about our discounts

Special discount information to
people who love discounts.

We have created  several  very fun ways for you to  give yourself a discount to
The show, Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized In Reno.   We know that some folks will try to find away to take advantage  of our discounts
by creating some sort of  convoluted scheme to receive multiple discounts per ticket.

So if you are wondering if you can  somehow combine discount coupons so that  you can get in  for dirt cheap, FREE (unless you  are  here on a FREE military pass)  or even  somehow get money back. The answer is  NO!

Also all discounts are taken of of a full priced adult ticket.

All Sales are final
Also there are no refunds ,  exchanges or price adjustments allowed. Please don't ask because the answer will either be
no,  No, or NO!

Any sort of discount or coupon is not valid for online sales and must be given to the clerk prior to buying your ticket.

If you show up at our box office and try to fast talk our clerk and toss up  arguments that  sound  like something you  learned from watching "Court TV," he will push a  button that will open up a trap door where you will be sucked under the city of  Reno and  land in a room where 2 members of the Sopranos will forcefully  rearrange your values in a Christian manner.

Have a nice day.

-Vinnie "The Chin" Gambino, Customer Service Manager


hypnotist Chris Cady  picture from hypnosis family show in Reno Nevada
Tahoe Show hypnotist chris cadys get hypnotized show poster for magic hypnosis comedy  show  in reno nevada
NOTE: All of the wacky discounts shows below are now only for your amusement. They were used during our 2 year run at the pioneer center.

they are no longer valid at any other show or venue where Chris Cady performs because I have no control over these matters. I left these discounts up  purely for your amusement. Enjoy reading them.