Show Reviews For Tahoe Show Get Hypnotized In Tahoe Comedy Hypnosis Show Show Starring Master Hypnotist Chris Cady
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Get Hypnotized In Reno Hypnosis Comedy Show Reviews
For the last 2 years this show has played at the Pioneer Underground Theater In downtown Reno.
Then we were in South Lake Tahoe through September 2012

2019 Reno Tahoe Show Dates
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"A Great Little Show That I Highly Recommend."
Jack Neal, KUNR Radio and

"One of the best evenings for the family and  one of the best hypnotist shows Northern Nevada has seen......It's a fun space and Cady is having fun in it... When the volunteers are hypnotized, Cady treats them with respect and humor. They play air guitar and air piano, conduct an imaginary symphony orchestra, become James Bond, become Martians and their translators, and perform Irish step dancing, but they never are put into any suggestive situations."
Mel Shields, Sacramento Bee (Newspaper)

"This Show Has Every Possible Embodiment Of Hilarity
Found In Humanity Today."
- Jen Schmidt, Tahoe World Magazine

Night Club Reviews

Mar 1, 2009 - "Get Hypnotized" with comedian-hypnotist Chris Cady is a great little show at Reno's Pioneer Center Underground

By Jack Neal KUNR AND

At one time Pat Collins, the Hip Hypnotist, called Reno home. Collins remains the biggest name in nightclub hypnotist show business. After her death in the late 90s glazed-eye nightclub acts just haven't existed in Northern Nevada.

Now that has changed. Comedian-hypnotist Chris Cady is performing weekends at Reno's Pioneer Center Underground. In the right hands and under the right spell, on-stage hypnosis can be great fun. And so it was Saturday night (2/21/09), when I saw Cady's show.

There's nothing to fear about Cady's brand of humor, nor his way of entertaining folks by featuring as stars those under his transfixing demeanor. He does nothing in the least bit off color or embarrassing. As produced by Jeff Leep, who also operates the lights and sound for this shoestring production, Cady's droll approach to that old-black-hypnotic magic keeps an audience very neatly under his spell.

To his credit and the entertainment value of "Get Hypnotized," the thinning of audience volunteers - the painfully slow part of most of these kinds of acts - is done quickly, is lightly tongue-in-cheek and clicks along without interrupting the show's rhythm.

Since "Get Hypnotized" depends on who's in the audience for its humor, every show is different. Repeat business boils down to long runs and that's what Cady and Leep are hoping for. And that's what this nicely-packaged show deserves.

The Pioneer Center Underground, formerly the Magic Underground, is a beautifully designed and inviting space that's perfect for the mysterious art and science of hypnosis.

But ultimately it's the easy charm of Chris Cady, his good manners and ethics, and his upbeat humor that makes "Get Hypnotized" a nightclub act suitable for families and just about anybody who wants a slightly-more-than-one-hour of good, clean amusement. "Get Hypnotized" is a solid new addition for Reno's nightclub scene. It's a great little show for the World's Biggest Little City that's a pleasure to recommend.

For information call 775-425-5847

By Mel Shields

Volunteers sleep through this show

Sunday, Mar. 22, 2009 -

Just as hypnotism has gained more respect in the field of psychotherapy, so it has in entertainment. Long gone are the hokey artists in flowing robes who swing medallions as they repeat, "You are getting sleepier and sleepier." They've been replaced by "professional hypnotists" who tend to wear business suits and pepper their presentations with humor.

Today's hypnotists are more honest about what they can and cannot do. This makes audience members feel more at ease volunteering to be hypnotized.

Hypnotism shows tend to attract a dedicated following, and that is the hope of Chris Cady, who has taken over Reno's Magic Underground as founder Mark Kalin has moved on. The space on Virginia Street, or rather under Virginia Street, is part of the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, and its entrance is on the Pioneer's plaza. It is an intimate setting with tiered seating, the seats rescued from a movie theater.

It's a fun space and Cady is having fun in it. He calls it "perfect, and that's not because of its darkness. I could do hypnotism in broad daylight. The stage is the right size. I've done shows in comedy clubs and the stages are built for one or two comedians. There's not enough room for the volunteers. And I can see the audience. That is essential because around one to three people fall into hypnosis during the show and I can see if they've fallen asleep in their chairs."

There are, of course, other reasons audience members fall asleep during shows, but boredom is not likely in a Cady evening. He doesn't take an inordinate amount of time explaining his background or what happens under hypnosis. A certain amount of the latter is necessary, but he is brisk with it and involves everybody, having the audience perform a few feats with their hands and arms, putting them into a relaxed and receptive state.

When the volunteers are hypnotized, Cady treats them with respect and humor. They play air guitar and air piano, conduct an imaginary symphony orchestra, become James Bond, become Martians and their translators, and perform Irish step dancing, but they never are put into any suggestive situations.

"I want to avoid any of 'Oh, God, why did you make me do that?' I want it to be 'Oh, that was a good time.' A lot of shows embarrass people sexually and I will not do that."

Cady is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a practice in Reno. He has 53 hypnosis CDs, works with athletes, business people and others on overcoming fear, and helps with smoking cessation, weight loss, and other problems. Now is a time when his services are more needed; now is also a time when new entertainment ventures are big risks.

"Why did I go into this in this horrible, scary economy? I like a good challenge. I spent the past several years flying all over the place. It seemed the work was always somewhere else. Then it dawned on me that I live in a place where people come for entertainment, the magicians have moved out, and despite the fact the economy has issues, we have a chance."

Cady was fascinated by a book on hypnosis when he was a child but it was far beyond him. Then when he was in high school and working in a record store in Sun Valley Mall in Concord, a plane crashed through the building. He suffered from post-traumatic stress and nothing took the nightmares away.

"I heard hypnosis could help, so I went to Tower Books and got the self- hypnosis tapes and subliminal suggestion tapes. I listened and practiced and stopped being uncomfortable. I didn't think this would turn into a career, but then I saw a stage hypnotist perform and saw amazing things happen. This man, however, was not a performer but more like a guy giving a lecture and I thought I could do better, so I underwent training and built a career."

If you volunteer at a Cady show, you are given the opportunity afterward for a free "empowering suggestion," which Cady calls a part he loves, a chance to "give myself a great reward by helping people become less stressed, quit smoking, even become a better bowler."

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OF NOTE: Typical of Cady's humor is this note in his program for those who are afraid of getting hypnotized while watching: "Relax, he can't hypnotize you against your will. But if you are really worried, ask your waiter for a sheet of aluminum foil. Wrap it around your head so that it blocks out the hypnotic signals. It will also keep space aliens, the CIA and the KGB from reading your thoughts. Also be sure to chant 'I will not get hypnotized' while wiggling your hands next to your ears. We don't guarantee it will work. But we do guarantee that the people around you will find it amusing, and it's a great way to get yourself on YouTube."


"This Show Has Every Possible Embodiment Of Hilarity
Found In Humanity Today."
- Jen Schmidt, Tahoe World Magazine

"The Best Hypnotism Show
I Have Ever Seen!"
Alan Cole, Comedian and former
Cruise Director Carnival Cruise Lines

"Best Family Hypnosis Show We Have Had At
Our Fair!"
Dean Hankey, Entertainment Director Nevada State Fair

"It Was A Terrific Show…
My Employees Talked About It For Weeks!"
Donald Hotton, President
Jory's Flowers, Concord, CA

"Very Entertaining!"
Greg Gonsalves, General Manager,
Moraga Country Club, Moraga, CA

My Favorite Show
of The Entire Convention."
Leslie Campbell, General Electric

All of Our Employees Laughed and Laughed!"
Kelly Laga,

For tickets and information  call 775-425-5847

"Far Better Then
Kimberlee Linrow, Chevron USA

Our Guests And G.O.'s  Said You Were Amazing and I Agree!"
Joey Templin,
Village Chief, Club Med

"Awesome Shows And Fantastic Interaction!
Chris Has Performed Some Great Shows for Us...
Our Clients RAVE About
His Act!"
John Fernbacher, Executive Producer, Fernbacher Productions, San Francisco, CA

"Hilarious and
In Good Taste!"
Sharon Webster, Sacramento, CA

"Fantastic!…Everyone Is Still Talking About It!"
Sharon Juarez, HR Technician
Banner Churchill Hospital
Fallon, NV

"Pants Wetting Funny!
Claudia Miller, Guest, Harrah's

"An Amazing Show!
Really Made Our Holiday Party Special.
I Love How The Employees Were The Stars of
The show!"
Mary Whitle, Purina

"Everyone Came Up To Me After The Show And Told Me How Hard They Laughed!
The Content Was Clean and The Crowd Was Involved!"
-Nita Acosta, Intuit Inc, Reno, NV.

"Great Show!
"This Was One Of The Best Xmas Parties We've Had
In 19 Years!
Everyone Young And Old Loved It!"
Rhonda Cain, Vice President
Summit Engineering, Reno, NV

"Thank You!  People Are Still Talking About It!"
Laura Clifford, The Builders Association of Northern Nevada

"Very, Very, Funny!
Glad I Volunteered!"
Mott Woo, Microsoft Corporation

"Highly Entertaining …
Highly Recommended!"
Anna Porter, All Weather Architectural Aluminum Vacaville, CA

"I Was Skeptical Until My Normally Reserved, Husband Literally Become Arnold Schwarzenegger. Walking and Talking Exactly Like Arnold. It Just Blew My Mind…"
Sue Collison- Chene, Guest Tropicanna Hotel Las Vegas, NV

"Awesome Shows And Fantastic Interaction!
Chris Has Performed Some Great Shows for Us...
Our Clients RAVE About
His Act!"
John Fernbacher, Executive Producer, Fernbacher Productions, San Francisco, CA

"Fantastic!…Everyone Is Still Talking About It!"
Sharon Juarez, HR Technician
Banner Churchill Hospital

Here is a partial review snipped from an online article which we find funny.

A more experienced example of comedy in Reno is Chris Cady, a Comedian as well as hypnotist. Cady has a show in Reno at the Pioneer Underground called “Chris Cady’s Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis Show.”

Brien Obrien, a 20-year-old sophomore at UNR, only goes to comedy shows when entrance is free.

“I have never been to his show,” said Obrien, “but I think hypnosis and comedy together should make for a really good night.”

Tickets for Cady’s show at the Pioneer Underground range from $20-$25. The show is all ages and involves a lot of participation from the audience.

Natalie Gay, a 28-year-old UNR graduate, has been to Cady’s show and enjoyed it.

“I didn’t get hypnotized but it was really funny to watch people to all these crazy things.” Said Gay. “I also thought that Chris Cady was very entertaining and funny, unlike his cheesy commercials.”

"You Are Amazingly Wonderful"
Carissa Mangubat
Sparks, NV

Chris Dugan, Reno NV

Nathan Adamsky, West Los Angeles Ca

"Everyone at the show Loved the performance and completely filled the venue for both shows. Chris is a great hypnotist that knows how to appeal to the audience. We Will definitely continue to bring him back for this event."
Keri Weinbrecht, Western Washington University
Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis Show
in Reno and Tahoe

For our production office Info call 775-425-5847

Here is what people say about this amazing comedy  show
Chris Cady's

Get Hypnotized In Reno and Tahoe

These  reviews come in my email and snail mail. Please feel free to  send us yours.

For tickets and information
Call 775-425-5847

"People who like Twilight, Harry Potter and Cool Magical Sci Fi Books and Movies Will Love This Show
Its Cool. Chris is like a real Harry Potter" - Samantha Kay, Reno Nevada

Here's an email from March 2010
I wanted to say thank u for such a great time & so many laughs..even up to this day me & my boyfriend are still giggling about that event..i will definetly want to see you again.."

maria fregoso & luis gonzalez

"Great show!  Had a wonderful time, as always.  Really appreciate the military support, too! 
I'll Recommend this show to all our friends.  - Shanna, Reno NV

"My wife, granddaughter and I saw your show and thought it was great"
Jeffrey Munk
Director Frontier Community Center, Lovelock NV

"Hi Chris, My mother, my husband and I attended the 3/20/09 show and were participants.  We were visiting Tahoe from near Pittsburgh, Pa and I was looking for a show to attend and found yours on the net.  My husband was hysterical as the guvenator, Mark the martian, etc.  We ordered the dvd and have watched it a few times.  I cannot wait to show it to his friends and family.  It was a hoot and one of the few highlights of our visit.  My mom is still laughing about it.  It is a memory not to be soon forgotten."
Regards, Karen and Dan Clifford

"A must-see!
The whole audience laughed start to finish... Thanks Chris!"
-Andrew Nazarechuk, Student, University of Nevada Reno

"Great Show!"
Michelle Arntz,Santa Barbara, CA

"This Hypnosis Show Was A Riot From Start
To Finish!"
Eric Tao, University of Nevada Reno
Reno, NV

"Mr. Cady
Thank you for coming to UNR. I haven't laughed that hard in a  while. My boyfriend and I are still making fun of some of things people did."
Francesca Strack, Reno Nevada

"The  show was very funny and professional, and a group of about 400 college students enjoyed it immensely.
Thanks again for coming in to do the show.  Everyone had a blast."
Cody Wagner, Interfraternity Council President, University of Nevada

Hello Mr. Cady,
Your show was hilarious!!  Thanks for supporting the University of Nevada Reno Greek Life!! 
Jen, Reno Nevada

"The show was excellent.  It was so funny to watch my friends get hypnotized and watch what they do:) Kelsey combs Sparks NV

"Thank you so much for coming to our campus! All of us had a really great time and we're still talking about it weeks later. It was really a fun show and we hope to have you back on our campus in the future!"
- Shirley Diaz, Northern Nevada International Center - Intern
Lambda Phi Xi, Epsilon Chapter - Dean of Pledges
MGC, University of Nevada, Reno - Director of Operations
Model United Nations Club - Secretary

"I would like to comment that I really liked the show, it was so funny watching everybody pretend to be something that they actually weren't (ex. the guys pretending they were guitarists). I would love to see the show again, maybe next time I'll get the chance to be hypnotized myself. "
Sincerely, Ashley Walsh-Storey

"Thanks for coming to our safe and sober night, it really was the high point of the night. I cant believe that some of the people on stage did the things they did, especially the "governator" haha.
Also, if you could let me know of any upcoming shows that would be cool. "
Drew Ernhout, Sparks NV

"The hypnosis show was amazing and hilarious... I had a ton of fun!  How do I purchase the video?
Walter Lima sparks, NV

"I thought the show was hilarious. Definitely was the highlight of the night."
Mahumid Sabir,  Reno Nevada

"The show was awesome. I really don't believe that I have ever laughed as hard as I did that night. It was an amazing show and I'm now fascinated with hypnosis.
Thank you for coming and entertaining us.
Luke Peterson, Sparks NV

"This was one of the best hypnosis shows I've seen."
Alexander Mmanubat

"The show was great, I loved it, you should come back again!"
Trisha G.
Bellingham,  WA

Thank you so much!
Jeff Hampsher, Santa Maria CA

"Your hypnosis show was so awesome!
That was probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen. "
Chelee Ross Belmont CA

"It was great getting  hypnotized"
Chad Davis, CA

"Thank you so much! The show was hilarious and I really enjoyed it. In fact, it was my favorite part of grad night. I'm so excited to try the download."
Kaitlin Russon, Truckee CA

" The show was awesome. I really don't believe that I have ever laughed as hard as i did that night. It was an amazing show and I'm now fascinated with hypnosis. Thank you for coming and entertaining us. "

"HEY! My name is Jessica and let me just tell you.... YOUR SHOW WAS AMAZING!!!  I was so glad I got the chance to see what they were talking about! You did an incredible job! I will never forget that show and I can't wait to hear this mp3!
-Jessica Thomas

"The hypnosis was awesome!"
J Nguyen

"Hi this is Rachel Minot  I went to the Hypnotist show. I was absolutely fascinated by the show and at how the volunteers who went up to the stage were so easily hypnotized! It was funny and surprising to see about three people  in the audience also get hypnotized, and two actually went onstage with the rest! 
I was laughing when one of them , danced the Macarena everytime music came on. Thank you so much for making the night more enjoyable! lol and thanks for the Mp3 download, it was very nice of you."
                                                                            Sincerely,                                                                                    Rachel Minot Sparks Nevada


Christina Neil, Belmont CA

"I thought your show was great and it really freaked me out because i didn't think hypnotism worked that well." Travis

"Hello I'm Theo, and I recently attended your show I thought it as interesting how the volunteers as well as some of the audience members were hypnotized into doing silly things.
Theo Garcia

"The show was awesome, best part of the night."
Delaney White, Sparks Nevada

"Great Show. Everything Went Smoothly.
Very Professional."
ASP Special Events Assistant Coordinator
Western Washington University, Bellingham

"A Riot From Start To Finish!"
Eric Tao, University of Nevada Reno

"I enjoyed Myself ! I Gave Birth, Throught I Was In The Lion King And Had A Great Time. I Would  Get Hypnotized Again."
Tylor  Penn State Burks

"I was  glad that I volunteered It was great!"
Katie Davis, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

"The Hit of
Our Grad Night!"
Kaylyn Galvin Grad Night Chairperson.
Yearington High School Yearington, NV
"Entertaining and Fun!"
Chuck Norian, Salinas, CA

" We Had A Blast!"
Sue Golumb, Scottsdale, AZ

"Fantastic! Out of Sight!
I Had All Positive Feedback From Parents and Students!"

"The Night Was
Full of Laughs."
Megan Fitzpatrick, Augoura

" Remarkable…
Certain To Bring Laughter To All!"
Elizabeth Ford, Truckee, CA

"Awesome Show
Maria White, Fairfield, CA

"Fun Clean And Entertaining. The Grads Really Enjoyed It!"
Sparks, NV

"Great Show!"
Michelle Arntz,Santa Barbara, CA

"This Hypnosis Show Was A Riot From Start
To Finish!"
Eric Tao, University of Nevada Reno
Reno, NV

"He Held The Attention of 600 Seniors For 90 Minutes!"
Richard Pauly, Sacramento, CA

" Hilarious!!!"
Matt Hachenberger,  Quartz Hill High School Quartz Hill, CA

"Extraordinary Show!"
Janille Mignani, Antioch, CA

Kevin Honey, Orinda, CA

"Great Show."
Cathi Leandry, CA

Heres a neat review that was emailed to me after it was posted from a show that I performed for a small convention group at the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno on March 3 2010:

I got hypnotized in public
Posted By wayne griffin on 3/3/2010 at 12:57 AM

Tonight at the CLSA/NALS convention in Reno, the featured entertainer was a hypnotist. It was a gentleman by the name of Chris Cady.

I skipped the dinner, but went to the show. On a whim I decided to go for it. I was about number 5 of the 8 volunteers, in front of maybe 100 people.

I guess I did good. I recall glimpses of current time, but mostly dozed when he said "sleep now".

Before the show he said we would come out of it like we just woke up from 8 hrs sleep. True!

The funny part is I guess he put a "power of suggestion" part in at the end, so after we all snapped out and somebody said "Chris Cady", we had to go James Brown and shout "ooh yea" and do a little JB type shuffle. It wore off after a few minutes, as "suggested".

I'd do it again, if for no other reason than the extra sleep you get... lol

Hypnosis  is real:
Here is a letter from a man who bought a stop smoking  CD from me. 
Dear Chris: I had smoked for 16+ years and had tried different things to quit smoking including gum, inhaler, patch, and nothing worked.  I started out smoking 1 pack a day and was almost up to 2 packs a day.  I saw about your stop smoking CD and decided that I really had nothing to lose and decided to order it.  That was 4+ years ago and I have not had a cigarette since listening to your CD for the first time.  I have not even really had a craving for a cigarette either.  Thank you so much for all the money that you have saved me by helping me quit smoking.  between the cost of the cigarettes as well as medical bills that I know I would be paying if i would have continued smoking. Sincerely,  Dave Noyealtoona, pa

Here's another  email I got from a young man who  came to my hypnosis  show and also  got one of my Super Self Confidence  Through Hypnosis mp3s"

"The show was awesome. I really  don't believe that I have ever laughed as hard as I did that
night. It  was  an amazing show and I'm now fascinated with hypnosis.
I've been wanting to get into acting for a while and I finally took an  acting class at UNR and was a part of a recent production up there. Now, I'm  auditioning for multiple plays around Reno and now have realized what I want to  do with my life and have declared theatre as my major.  Also, it's helping me in my schooling, I feel motivated to studying. Also, thank you so much for the Super Self Confidence track, it is really working wonders!"
Luke Peterson, Reno Nevada

Heres  a letter I  just received  on April 29th 2009 from a bowler who used my bowling To help him wiht his bowling

Chris, I have been an avid bowler and PBA member for a number of years.  I bowl on the PBA senior tour when time will allow.  For the past 5 or 6 years I (right handed bowler) have had a lot of trouble with my left knee (bone on bone).  This resulted in over a 1 inch deterioration of the bone.  I finally gave in to total knee replacement surgery in November of 2008.  It is now April of 2009 and I returned to bowling about 6 weeks ago. Because of the long layoff and focus on the knee my mental game was gone.  I spoke with you and secured a copy of the More Strikes and Spares CD. The CD has given me the confidence that revived the old physical form and taken the mental game to a whole new level. Prior to the surgery my game had fallen to less than a 200 average because of the pain and physical limitations with the injured knee. It only took 1 week of the CD for the improvement.  I am back to 223 to 231 average on house condition and 211 on PBA condition.  I know this will continue to improve over the next several weeks. I actually have both of your CD's and use them in tandem. I know that your CD's have reduced the amount of time required for me to get back to competitive form by at least 1 year.  They have also given me a confidence level that I have never experienced prior to their use. Thank you for sharing your amazing mental gift, TEC,  Florida 

If you are looking for a family  activity when you are in Reno  this is the best thing show to do in Reno Nevada



valentines day hypnotist show in reno sparks at john ascuagas nugget  chris cady marquee
This photo is from a past show.
My 2017 Valentines Day show will be in another venue
stay tuned for details.