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Frequently Asked Questions
About Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized
Comedy Hypnosis Show. Now Playing in Reno Nevada

Question:  Is the content of  this hypnosis show appropriate for my family, corporate event, etc.?
Answer:  Yes.  The content of this show is appropriate for all ages. This show has been performed in front of family audiences at fairs, at deluxe family resorts such as Club Med and Sandals, in theatres, high schools, colleges and for corporate groups, some of whom are quite conservative. There is no nudity, no G-strings, sexual suggestions or swearing.

Question:  Is the hypnosis  show scary?
Answer:  No.  The show is a comedy show. There is nothing scary about it at all.

Question:  Can Chris hypnotize me against my will to do or say something that I don't want to?
Answer:  No.

Question:  Is this real, or are the people "stooges," "plants," or just playing along?
Answer:  Everything is 100% real.  Nothing is set up or pre-arranged. 

Question:  How do people volunteer or become selected to be in the show?
Answer:  In the first 5 minutes of the show, the hypnotist will ask for volunteers from the audience.  He does not point at anyone and make them come up on stage. If you want to be on stage, you must volunteer.  If you do not volunteer, he will not drag you up on stage while people pressure you into going up.   Even though all ages may attend this show, volunteers must be at least 18 years old or have parental permission to be in the show.  There is nothing set up or pre-arranged, and you cannot make pre-arrangements to be in the show.

Question:  How long is the show?
Answer:  The show is about 60 minutes long.

Question:  Is every hypnosis show the same?
Answer:  No.  Since the volunteers are always different, the content, routines and reactions of the volunteers change with every show.

If you have any other questions about Reno's only ongoing comedy hypnosis show please call 775-425-5847

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Get Hypnotized  Reno's only Comedy Hypnosis Show

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Here's a lovely

Press  article from the Reno Gazette Journal

That's hypno-tainment

Local stage  hypnotist brings out volunteers creative sides

This is an article originally appeared in the Reno Gazette Journal
on July 9, 2007

This  was retyped from the Reno Gazette Journal  newspaper.

By Siobhan McAndrew

Monday July 9, 2007

Dominic Gentile acted out giving birth on stage in front of 200 laughing business associates. He also imitated Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Chinese dictator and President George Bush.

"I remember everything I did but was in a really relaxed, almost sleeping state," said Gentile of Reno, who agreed to be hypnotized on stage during a Builders Association of Northern Nevada dinner held at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks.

He was one of 15 volunteers who were hypnotized by Chris Cady, a Reno stage hypnotist.
" I guess its something I wouldn't normally do (when) not under hypnosis, like the giving birth part but it was funny. I knew what I was doing but seemed more willing to do it." said Gentile, "but I can do a good Arnold accent under or not under."

Cady, who has hypnotized thousands, performs his family friendly show for high schools, colleges, conventions, business groups and private parties. He is one of two stage hypnotists performing in Northern Nevada.

Life of fascination

"When I  was a kid, I read a book on it and it was intriguing." said Cady, who has been hypnotizing people for  10 years.

He said that after being in a mall that was hit by an airplane in Concord California in 1986 he went to a hypnotist to deal with the stress of helping with the rescue efforts.
"I realized it was something that still interested me," said Cady.

"Then I went to a show and saw a stage hypnotist do it and he just didn't have an entertaining personality. It was like he was doing a lecture, a long stuffy lecture."

Cady said he knew  being a stage hypnotist and having an entertaining act would do well.
He went to a hypnotist school then worked with a hypno-therapist who had 25 years experience.

Finally , he developed an act. He performs his show several nights a week.

Cady usually can hypnotize a group in less then 10 minutes. He then taps on hypnotized participants and induces them to act out different personalities or characters raging from Elvis to aliens. Those who are not hypnotized, he excuses form the stage.

He will vary the show depending on the group.  "Usually you can tie in something to the group you are performing for and make each   performance original,"

Finding volunteers for the act is easy.

Cady said the best people for hypnotism are creative types who can block out distractions.

"When you are hypnotized, you are in a sleep-like state where you are just using the imagination side of your brain," he said, He said more analytical types such as engineers, are harder to hypnotize.

Cady also does private sessions to help people quit smoking, lose weight or improve sports performance.

Brooke Mills, who was  also hypnotized at the builders association event was eager to try it out for fun.

"The things people told me I did were things I could never do in front of 100 people," said Brooke, who acted out being an alien while hypnotized,. She somehow even knew an alien language while hypnotized.

"I mean ( I can't believe I was) dancing and singing, I have stage fright," she said. " I  get nervous about anything, but remembering back, it was like no one was there, I remember  seeing everyone, but nothing mattered, I was so relaxed."

To book a stage hypnotist for your next party, group or convention
Contact: Chris Cady
Or 775-425-5847

Or see www.chriscady.com

Heres another

Retyped Article from  Reno GAzette Journal  December 2008

Hypnotist zones in on Pioneer Underground


Less than two months after magicians Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh left the Magic Underground theater, the venue is springing back to life with a new name and new headline act.

Now dubbed Pioneer Underground, the small theater at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts will reopen tonight with the first of many performances by hypnotist Chris Cady. The Spanish Springs-based performer is partnering with Jeff Leep, owner of Leep Entertainment, to provide regular programming at the theater, all of it anchored by his show, "Get Hypnotized!"

Currently, Cady plans to perform Fridays through Sundays each week, and he may add Thursdays. To get things started, he'll deliver eight shows through the remainder of December, including three this weekend for the benefit of Toys for Tots.

Is he worried about attracting an audience night after night in the same venue? Not a bit.
"Every show is completely different," Cady said. "I have over 200 routines that I draw from, and in the show there's maybe 20 different routines done. It changes constantly based on who the audience is, who the volunteers are, their ages, what kind of vibe I'm getting from them. There's a lot of improv involved as well."

Cady said he starts his performances by explaining the basics of hypnosis. Then he takes volunteers from the audience and performs a mass hypnosis.

"We do a real hypnotic induction," he said. "There's nothing planned, there's nothing scripted. Sometimes people think that there are stooges involved, and that's not the case at all. It's completely real."
Cady said he doesn't have trouble getting volunteers once he eases the initial concerns of audience members.

"The number-one fears are revealing secrets, loss of control and fear of exiting," he said. "They're not going to lose control, I'm not going to ask them anything personal and they can't get stuck in hypnosis. That's impossible. Once they understand that and they see I've got a friendly face, I don't look spooky, they'll go, 'OK, I feel comfortable now.' Then people will come up."
Although Cady doesn't ask hypnotized subjects personal questions, he does ask them to do funny things that the audience can enjoy.

"Men will give birth," he said. "I'll make somebody Britney Spears. I'll make somebody Elvis. "" I'll make them sing a song about their favorite food. I make somebody the Governator, and they'll imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Cady said volunteers not only star in the show, they enjoy the experience.

"They have a great time," he said. "Most people are not super-creative and they're not super-outgoing. Or, maybe they are but they just don't get a chance to get up on stage and perform "" Now is their opportunity to explore this creative side of their brain that's called the subconscious mind. And the feeling of hypnosis is profoundly relaxing."

Cady said he first tried hypnosis while struggling with terrible memories of a tragedy he witnessed. In 1985, when he was 17, he was working in a record store at Sun Valley Mall in Concord, Calif., and a small plane crashed into the building, killing seven people.

"I ended up with post-traumatic stress, and in order to get rid of my post-traumatic stress I ended up using hypnosis," he said. "I went to the library and I read about it. Then, I went to Tower Books and they had some hypnosis tapes. I bought them and things started working for me because I learned it was all about refocusing your mind."

After years of self-training, Cady decided to get more serious in 2000 when he went to school and was certified as a clinical hypnotherapist. He also trained with a private teacher in Moscow, and he now makes his living entertaining and working with private hypnotherapy clients.

"Therapy is not full-time," he said. "I work mostly with people who are interested in sports. I work with bowlers who are serious amateurs and pros, and I have a hypnosis-for-bowling product that helps them with focus and confidence."

Cady said he also has 53 hypnosis CDS designed to help people with everything from weight loss to stress reduction. All will be available for sale at his Pioneer Underground shows.

When Cady isn't performing at the Underground, the venue will be available to other organizations who want to rent it. And Cady and Leep plan on booking other performers into the venue on occasion. But that's later. First, they're trying to get the word out that "Get Hypnotized!" is going to be a regular feature.
"I'm very excited about it," Cady said. "We think we've got something very different."

If you are looking for a family  activity when you are in Reno  this is the best thing show to do in Reno Nevada





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