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Why Not Make 2021 The Year That YOU FINALLY STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD!!!

The difference between me and most of the other  stop smoking Hypnotherapists is this...

I'm the guy who GETS YOU To Stop Smoking Forever

I'm NOT the guy who ALMOST gets you to stop smoking...

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why when you make an appointment to come to see me for your hypnosis session here in my Reno office or book an appointment by telephone and become a NON SMOKER. This time for good.

If you live in the Reno / Sparks area or you will be here
and you want an experienced hypnotist to get you to stop smoking... quit smoking... give up smoking...or quit dipping / chewing tobacco or stop vaping this time for good. And, If you don't want any withdrawals or cravings and you want to do this quickly, easily in just about 1 hour
you should see me immediately, because each month I make time to see a few people
who want to stop smoking and become non smokers FOR GOOD! I'm very good at what I do. I'm so good at getting people to become non smokers using hypnosis that If there were an Olympics for hypnotists I would get a Gold medal for it.

For some reason many people think that due to their occupation it might be harder for them to stop smoking especially if they work in a smoking environment or if they drive a truck or have a lot of stress or boredom.   I have helped people in Reno, Sparks, Carson City and basically Northern Nevada and throughout the world stop smoking, and they come from all walks of life.

I have a special method of addressing all of the challenges that are unique to a man or woman who works in a smoking environment or has a job that might make stopping smoking a challenge.  My techniques that I use while you are in hypnosis are very effective and I customize them to your situation so that you can quit smoking without any cravings, side effects of irritability.

I have helped local Reno area casino workers and bartenders and waiters, truck drivers, mining company drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers  for UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, Uber, Taxis, the Post office etc, airport workers, cops, firefighters, school teachers,  construction workers, wear house workers, office workers and even Doctors and Nurses who work for Renown, St. Mary's or Northern Nevada Medical Center or other medical facilities in Northern Nevada or elsewhere who are tired of being a smoker and want to quit smoking once and forever.

So  if you come and get hypnotized to stop smoking or chewing tobacco
In 60-90 minutes there is a very good chance that you will never, ever smoke or chew tobacco again.

I can't honestly tell you  that I have a 100% success rate but its darned close to 100%
and there is a very good reason for it. It's a closely guarded secret that is only shared with those who come and work with me using hypnosis here in Reno / Sparks.

Many smokers come and get hypnotized by me after failing with other hypnotists, failing with "the patch" (biggest scam product ever invented)  or failing with the nicotine gum or the other stop smoking products.

Most of the stop smoking pills, patches and gum have such a high rate of failure I think its a joke that they are even legal to use. Plus most of them come with some pretty weird side effects.
Also many people who switch to the nicotine gum actually become addicted to the gum.

When it comes to other hypnotherapists who claim to help smokers with stopping smoking, most are well meaning but are simply incompetent. They are like a little league coach trying to work in the major leagues.

The difference between me and most of the other stop smoking hypnotherapists is this...

I'm the stop smoking hypnotist  who GETS YOU the results...I'm not the guy who almost gets you the results.

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why only when you come to see me for your hypnosis session here in my Reno office and become a NON SMOKER. This time for good.

This is also why I CHARGE MORE then they do. But if things go as planned you will pay me only ONCE. With cheaper hypnotherapists you have to come back over and over. It benefits me to "fix you" in one session because you will refer your smoker friends to me. That's why when you come to see me to stop smoking, you usually come one time.
I respect your time, your money and your health.

Of course with cigarettes you pay with your money, your health and with the quality of your life.

Hiring me to hypnotize you to stop smoking is a lot cheaper then cigarettes, chemotherapy, having a lung removed, a lifetime of inhalers, oxygen tanks, or all the money you will spend on cosmetics to cover up your wrinkled skin.

If you are thinking about seeing a hypnotist  in Reno or Sparks to help you stop smoking just because your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, is bugging you to stop...and ultimately you just want them to stop nagging you so you can keep on smoking away... Please  don't call me
because I'm not interested in messing around with you. It's a waste of time and money.

However, If you really want to stop smoking and you are, "sick and tired of being sick and tired" and you want to stop messing around and really become a non smoker ...

Reno Sparks Northern Nevada Call me at 775-425-5847

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist

If you are still reading this here is an emailed  letter that I received from a client who actually got one of my stop smoking CDs or mp3 downloads.

Dear Chris: I had smoked for 16+ years and had tried different things to quit smoking including gum, inhaler, patch, and nothing worked.  I started out smoking 1 pack a day and was almost up to 2 packs a day.  I saw about your stop smoking CD and decided that I really had nothing to lose and decided to order it.  That was 4+ years ago and I have not had a cigarette since listening to your CD for the first time.  I have not even really had a craving for a cigarette either.  Thank you so much for all the money that you have saved me by helping me quit smoking.  between the cost of the cigarettes as well as medical bills that I know I would be paying if i would have continued smoking.
Sincerely,  Dave Noyealtoona, PA (Note: This person is not in Reno Nevada so he purchased a  stop program from me online.)

Here is another letter that I received from a person who stopped smoking by using hypnosis with me here in Reno.
"Dear Hypnotist Chris Cady. This is the 5th of my follow up letters to  thank you for helping me stop smoking with hypnosis.
Back in the 80's I was a very heavy smoker and I went to see a hypnosis show by hypnotist Pat Collins at Harrah's in Reno. She had a stop smoking with hypnosis program and I attended it and  was amazed that I immediately quit smoking  and never wanted to  smoke. Then in 2007 I was stressed out of my mind and bummed a smoke from a co-worker and darn! I was hooked again.  I quickly began smoking almost 2 packs a day.  No matter how much I smoked though I truly never was ale to reduce my stress. Then in 2009 I saw your hypnosis show in Reno and  hoped that you had a stop smoking program. Thank goodness that you did.  Right after your hypnosis show I scheduled an appointment and   just like magic I was hypnotized and you hypnotized me for stress reduction and for stopping smoking and for being confident in myself.  WOW!  I left your office feeling like superman and I never wanted another cigarette. I remember leaving the  carton in your office after stomping and smashing them into dust.  It is now 2013 and I still don't smoke.  I have told so many people that if they are ever here in the Reno area and want to use hypnosis to stop smoking to come see  hypnotist Chris Cady.  As you told me  YOU get results!  I am proof!
Mike Burnbaum, Reno NV

"I came to you to stop smoking with hypnosis with after failing many times.
After speaking with you on the phone I felt very assured that hypnosis would work for me this time.
I came to your office in Reno and you made me  so comfortable and the hypnosis felt  warm and beautiful. My most vivid memory was In my mind I was in Tahoe an a happy beach and I was mentally tapping into a success that I once had and using it to reprogram myself with it so that it would help mix with the hypnosis and  keep me from smoking.
After the hypnosis session I threw my last pack in the trash and have not even given cigarettes another thought.  I suggest  stop smoking hypnotist Chris Cady to anyone who wants help. "
Ashley ___ ( last name Removed) Sparks Nevada.

"Hypnotist Chris Cady helped stop smoking using hypnosis in one session. Here is my  review. I am a Black Jack Dealer at Harrah's in Reno, NV and I was hypnotized by Pat Collins when she  performed here at Harrah's in Reno back in 1986.  Back then everyone smoked but I was trying to get pregnant and needed to  quit.  Pat helped me and I stopped smoking until 1998 when I  had just one cigarette and  I was hooked on smoking cigarettes all over again..... then in October 2009 when hypnotist Chris Cady had has show in Reno I attended with my family and after the show I asked him for a stop smoking hypnosis session. I booked a hypnosis appointment. He hypnotized me in his showroom in Reno at 3pm on a Saturday right before my shift. This time one of my concerns was that I did not want to be impatient with my  players as they  are smoking right in my face all night at the  table.  Chris  build in hypnosis suggestions into our session that I would not be bothered by all the smoking players, customers or any of my co-workers or friends who smoke.  After the hypnosis session I felt  great and never even thought about smoking.  I left the hypnosis appointment and walked right to Harrah's.  The moment the doors  opened into  the casino I was hit by a massive wave of cigarette smoke. I couldn't help but notice how powerful it was and it  scared me because I thought I might have a hard time that night but  it did not at all.   What happened was that  I felt calm, relaxed and excited and confident that this time TONIGHT I COULD DO IT!   I would not want a cigarette and it smoking would be for other people but not for me. all the  smoke in the casino did not bother me one bit and  having  people smoke cigarettes in my face didn't matter a bit. It also did not tempt me into smoking either.  This time quitting smoking using hypnosis was  easy and the hypnosis really worked. I have recommended hypnotist Chris Cady to help anyone in Reno   who wants to stop smoking especially if you work in a casino.
( name withheld Blackjack Dealer in Reno)

"Hypnotized For Stopping Smoking At the Sparks Marina"
My husband and I met hypnotist Chris Cady at the Sparks Marina while we were on a rafting day trip.  Our friend spotted him and called him over and we spoke about hypnosis for stopping smoking. We were both  1-2 pack a day smokes and had had wanted to stop smoking cigarettes for about  a year but just never   did anything about it  for more then 3 days. We had discussed hypnosis for helping us  quite smoking  but  had some fear about being alone and we both don't like being in small offices. When we told him this, He suggested that we just do the session at the Sparks Marina right on he beach.  We make the stop smoking hypnosis appointment for  2 days later and  did it right on the beach.  We thought it was cool that he had us in our minds floating on the  rafts over the Sparks Marina
Julie and Robert (last name removed)  in Sparks, NV

"Reno man Hypnotized To Stop Smoking For a Surgery and Pain GOES AWAY DO TO HYPNOSIS"
I SMOKED A PACK A DAY and I really enjoyed smoking. My Doctor told me I had to stop smoking before a surgery. The surgery was a back surgery to  stop chronic pain.  I  tried to quit smoking on my own and I tried and tried and failed and failed. ( Probably because I enjoy smoking) Then I hired Chris Cady hypnotist to help me stop smoking because it was  stop smoking or no surgery.  The hypnosis session went  smoothly and felt relaxing. 2 hours later I was a non smoker. And guess what?  All my  PAIN WENT AWAY!  And the Doctor did not need to do surgery.
Vernon  (last name removed) in Reno, NV

Mining Truck Driver Hypnotized To Quit Smoking Went from 2 packs a day to ZERO IN 24 HOURS
"I smoked 2 packs a day due to  boredom. It was time to quit.  I had been hypnotized  to quit smoking many years earlier and it worked for 12 years before I slipped up, so I knew it would again. Chris hypnotized me by phone and I threw away all of my cigarettes and  have never looked back.  Its been 9 months now. I never want a cigarette even when Im at the bar having my nightly beer with my pals. My life is better now as a non smoker. Plus I eat healthier too
-Jeffrey, Elko Nevada

Another Federal Express Driver Hypnotized To Quit Smoking!
"I drive for Fed-EX. My job is STRESSFUL and I was worried about how I would manage the stress.
Chris, now only showed me how to manage the stress that comes from driving in Reno traffic all day long but he MADE ALL OF THE STRESS ROLL OFF  MY SHOULDERS!   It has now been 2 years since I stopped smoking and I maintain a healthy life and weight.  My life is so much better now as a non smoker."
(Name removed by request so just call her )Francis from, Reno Nevada

"Reno Casino Dealer Hypnotized To Stop Smoking"
"Dear Reno Hypnotist Chris Cady, I deal Roulette and Black Jack and have smoked 2 packs a day since 1985 and had to quit. Another dealer at  the Peppermill Casino  and one at the GSR told me about you  and I had seen your hypnosis show so I figured we  were a match. As I told you for a long time I was scared to even think about  quitting smoking  because  most of the players are smoking right in my face and I did not know if I could deal with being a dealer who did not smoke cigarettes.  As you promised you built in special hypnosis words so that I would not be bothered by the cigarette smoke and I would not  crave smoking  or feel angry or upset at my co workers or customers for smoking. You truly added in special hypnotic words so I'd feel PROUD of myself that I don't have to smoke and smoking is just not for me and I'm calm and relaxed and healthy. I love that little mantra you gave me too " I feel LUCKY  I don't smoke.  Red or black no smoking no heart attack"  " As a NON smoker I feel 21 again"
Man it really worked. I came to you on my day off and woke up the next day and   only had 3 cigs the whole day then the next day  zero. Then on Friday I went to work and had no desire for cigarettes despite being on a very busy smoking table all night.   Its been 5 months of being a non smoker due to this hypnosis and I am still smoke free and every night feels right to me!"
Mark ( last name removed)   Reno Nevada.

If you are looking for a hypnotist in
Reno or Sparks Nevada  give me a call
and I will help you stop smoking using hypnosis  immediately.

Chris Cady Stop Smoking Hypnotist Does It Again!!!
Here's a Testimonial From A Former Long Time Smoker from Reno who came to see me  for my one appoint stop smoking session here in Reno recently.
"I am a single woman and mother with a high stress job that has kept me smoking...  In the past I have tried Chantix & the stop smoking patch.  The patch did not work and Chantix gave me sick nightmares. I decided that it was time to quit and booked a stop smoking hypnosis session feeling confident that your hypnosis would work for me. It sure did!  I went from a pack a day for 18 years to  zero cigarettes  immediately!
I have not even thought of having a cigarette  since I left you. I have had zero withdrawals or cravings either. Life is great as a NON SMOKER."  KC in Reno. ( name shortened by request)  

Dear Chris: I had smoked for 16+ years and had tried different things to quit smoking including gum, inhaler, patch, and nothing worked.  I started out smoking 1 pack a day and was almost up to 2 packs a day.  I saw about your stop smoking CD and decided that I really had nothing to lose and decided to order it.  That was 4+ years ago and I have not had a cigarette since listening to your CD for the first time.  I have not even really had a craving for a cigarette either.  Thank you so much for all the money that you have saved me by helping me quit smoking.  between the cost of the cigarettes as well as medical bills that I know I would be paying if i would have continued smoking. Sincerely,  Dave Noyealtoona, pa

I am a Nurse working in ER in downtown Reno.  I am embarrassed that I smoke and have known for years how stupid it is that I smoke.  After finally deciding that it was time to  stop smoking  ( 12 cigarettes a day) I scheduled a hypnosis  appointment and after being in hypnosis for  2 hours I left your office as a NON SMOKER!   My concern was that I would not have a way to relax or to deal with the stress from this job but you helped me with that as well.  My other concern was  that  I enjoy casinos but did not want to smoke. You helped me with  not getting lured back into smoking  there as well. Hypnosis for stopping smoking  really does work!  ( A Non Smoking Reno Nurse )

To Stop Smoking In Reno, Sparks
Northern Nevada
The Easy Way
call me at


I have in person appointments here in Reno as well as  telephone and skype appointments available for clients who prefer to be at home or who live out of the area.

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist, Reno Nevada

Usually when a smoker calls me and wants to become a NON SMOKER they want to schedule a stop smoking session immediately either in person or by telephone. If I do not have an appointment available as quickly as you would like or if you are not in the  Reno Sparks  Nevada  area  because you live anywhere else on the planet,
I have a wonderful
hypnosis CD or Mp3 will get you the results that you want just as effectively as an in person or telephone hypnosis session with me will.

So if you are not a Reno, Sparks Washoe County   local or even if you are and  you don't want to wait or if you would  rather work with a CD or MP3 on your own instead of an in person or telephone session.


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