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FREE Show Tickets For Reno's USBC Tournament Bowlers
  (well almost...)
Dear fellow USBC tournament bowler,

If you are bowling in Reno Nevada this year, this will be the most important letter that you  will ever read.

Here is why:

Between 2008 and December 2010

77 steps from the National Bowling Stadium in downtown Reno WAS a very special  place that hosts the best entertainment for bowlers in all of Reno. 

And because it is not in any casino... you  probably  will miss out  unless you  read this letter right now.

Because you are one of the special bowlers who  will be bowling in Reno in 2011
  you can get in to this amazing new show  almost for FREE.

You see Just a few steps from the National Bowling Stadium in Reno was

a very special place  is  called,  "The Pioneer Underground Theater" 

and in that beautiful  little theater was  a show that  bowlers  LOVE.

It is called "Get Hypnotized"  It has now been moved to a lovely new showroom inside a casino in South Lake Tahoe.   Tahoe is so beautiful  all bowlers owe it to themselves to devote one day and evening to coming there, seeing the beautiful lake and mountains and then coming to my show.

Get Hypnotized  is an all ages audience participation comedy hypnosis show featuring a hypnotist named Chris Cady who is also known in the  competitive bowling world for  helping bowlers  master the mental side of our sport.
This show is hysterically funny and if you would like to receive a  discount coupon that  will give you  tickets at an unbelievable price of  buy one get one FREE,

Just click the link below  and  send him an email with  the words   BOWLERS  FREE TICKETS in the  subject line   and he will email you a special  voucher that  not only  gives you  a  FREE ticket to  this  amazing  show when you  buy one ticket.  He will also give you a FREE gift worth  $30.00 that  will help you  to sky rocket your bowling into the stratosphere.

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If you are with the USBC bowling championship  tournament or looking for entertainment outside of  the National Bowling Stadium in Reno this is the site for you.
We have show  discount coupons for  reno show Chris Cadys  get hypnotized
USBC championships 2011 bowling tournament bowling,

If you are staying at the  peppermill, harrahs, silver legacy, circus circus, sands Eldorado
siena and looking for something do do while you are in  reno such as some kind of clean  entertainment, comedy, hypnosis, aka hypnotist show  and you want a discounted ticket or special offer to the  get hypnotized show in Reno nevada, or want casino discount coupons for entertainment near the National Bowling Stadium or Harrah's, the Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, Eldorado Hotel, Sands, Siena, Sienna hotel, you are in the  right place as we are just 5 minutes away from all of these hotels

Heres  a letter I  just received  on April 29th 2009 from a bowler who used my bowling To help him with his bowling

Chris, I have been an avid bowler and PBA member for a number of years.  I bowl on the PBA senior tour when time will allow.  For the past 5 or 6 years I (right handed bowler) have had a lot of trouble with my left knee (bone on bone).  This resulted in over a 1 inch deterioration of the bone.  I finally gave in to total knee replacement surgery in November of 2008.  It is now April of 2009 and I returned to bowling about 6 weeks ago. Because of the long layoff and focus on the knee my mental game was gone.  I spoke with you and secured a copy of the More Strikes and Spares CD. The CD has given me the confidence that revived the old physical form and taken the mental game to a whole new level. Prior to the surgery my game had fallen to less than a 200 average because of the pain and physical limitations with the injured knee. It only took 1 week of the CD for the improvement.  I am back to 223 to 231 average on house condition and 211 on PBA condition.  I know this will continue to improve over the next several weeks. I actually have both of your CD's and use them in tandem. I know that your CD's have reduced the amount of time required for me to get back to competitive form by at least 1 year.  They have also given me a confidence level that I have never experienced prior to their use. Thank you for sharing your amazing mental gift, TEC,  Florida