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Athletes in Reno, Sparks Northern Nevada... Using Hypnosis For Sports Will Get You From Where You Are Right Now To Where You Want To BE
As An Athlete, Faster Then Any Sports Training Gizmo or Anything You Could Ever "Use"

Athletes Who Hire Me To Coach Them With Mental Game Training & Using  Hypnosis For Sports Peak Performance
Will Exceed Levels That YOU Didn't Even Know Were Possible

It does not matter if you want to use hypnosis for golf, pickleball, bowling, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, soccer gymnastics, or anything else

It Does Not Matter If You Are A Pro Athlete, Who Is Struggling To Stay On The Team, It does not Matter if You Are  A College  or High School Athlete,  Playing Your Sport as An Average Athlete and Team Member... or If You Are  Playing Very Well...  Or If You Are Already A Champion or if You Just DREAM of being one ...

When  I coach you & you work with me training your MENTAL GAME by using hypnosis for sports



Want To Be a Champion???

My name is Chris Cady as you can see from this site I  have an unusual occupation. By night I use hypnosis to entertain people
and by day

I'm a Sports Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist ( two words for the same occupation)  based out of  Reno, Nevada who trains the mental game & uses hypnosis for sports self improvement, and human peak performance.  However I work with athletes of all levels & ages WORLD WIDE. 

While Reno, Sparks Lake Tahoe area ( Northern Nevada) is a great place for sports, many of my sports clients are located in other cities, states and even other countries.

It might not matter to you but

We have many sports teams here: Baseball is quite serious here and we have many very beautiful baseball fields and even a minor AAA baseball team (Reno Aces) Reno Longhorns Basketball, plus University of Reno Wolfpack plus numerous golf courses and of course, The National Bowling Stadium, and numerous ski resorts with skiing, snow boarding and other outdoor  winter and summer sports. Plus Reno now has a  soccer team and soon a hockey team will be here.

Even with all of those sports here in Reno / Sparks & in Northern Nevada many of my sports clients are not local athletes so please do not feel that you have to have me train your mental game &  hypnotize you in person in order to get the EXCELLENT RESULTS that you want and need in order to  take your game to the next level.

I coach / work with and hypnotize athletes mostly by phone or Skype  and also  in person (usually on location)
My telephone number is 775-425-5847

I LOVE helping people break bad habits and I love helping  athletes  who want to WIN! Play as a CHAMPION! Program themselves with  EXCELLENCE BEHAVIOR and break free of something that was holding them back and build their confidence to a level that they,  "MOVE MOUNTAINS" and perform in their sport at a very high, elite level.

I have coached the mental game & hypnotized athletes of every level and age range both privately and entire teams in every sport. However the sports that I am most frequently asked to hypnotize athletes for are

Golf, bowling, baseball, softball, football,  basketball, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling,  snowboarding, skiing swimming, trap / skeet shooting, weightlifting, body building, tennis, soccer oh and people who race all kinds of things.

This is in no particular order however golf, football, bowling, baseball, basketball and hockey are the most common sports that athletes who contact me want to use hypnosis for.

If you are not  performing at the level that you feel that you are capable of
then its time to
"Stop Complaining and Start Mental Training"

Regardless, I  coach the mental game & use hypnosis to help athletes get the most out of themselves in every sport and its important for you to know that I do not need expensive knowledge of your particular sport in-order to help you as I'm coaching you in sub conscious mind training techniques.

Lets face it, your mind controls your body and every athlete can get more out of themselves by  having more self confidence and focus.
However what I do when I work with an athlete goes WAY beyond this.

Sports Psychologists work with the CONSCIOUS MIND.  Hypnotherapists work with the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND which is BY FAR THE MORE POWERFUL PART OF YOUR BRAIN!

The subconscious mind is the part of  your mind that holds  thoughts and beliefs that you respond to and act upon AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT THINKING.

This is why it is very common for an athlete to call me for help & coach them when they are in a slump or have some sort of mental block that is causing him or her to perform at a level that they know is  below what they know that they are capable of, yet they don't know what to do about it except just physically train harder. Unfortunately the  result that they get is generally frustration and disappointment  until they find their way to me and and we use hypnosis to  get to the underlying root of the problem / challenge and then fix it using hypnosis and a variety of other techniques that I coach athletes in.

If you are considering me to help you compete  in your sport as the MAXIMUM YOU by working on your mental game, you will be glad to know that  I  coach & train sports hypnosis / hypnotherapy with both male and female athletes of every age and experience level and in every sport.  Most of my sports clients are young adults professional and amateur, college, high school  and  I think the youngest child was 11 years old.

You will be glad to know that

  I was also coached / trained by  the top  Sports Hypnotherapist in the world. His name was and still is Peter Siegel and he poured all of his wisdom and knowledge into me before "passing the torch."  Peter has an impressive list of  real world credentials having  helped  numerous Major League Baseball, NFL football, NHL Hockey and NBA Players as well as PGA Golfers  team USA Olympic athletes and  numerous boxers including  the notable Mike Tyson.

A Bit More About Hypnosis For Sports

If you are an athlete, you know that there are times when you are practicing or playing your sport and you are in a "dream like state of mind"  or what many athletes describe as a "fog" or a "bubble" where you get more out of yourself  then you ever thought was possible and magical things just happened on the field.

This is commonly referred to as, "the zone."    Most athletes have  no idea how to make, "the  zone" happen on command.

But I do!   When an athlete works with me because they want to use hypnosis for sports I coach & train my athlete clients how to use hypnosis to  " trigger" and "bring on the zone" on command instead of hoping that it appears.

You do so by using the special secret techniques that only top athletes and sports hypnotherapists / hypnotists know and you do so by  harnessing the power of your subconscious mind & filling it with incredible levels of SELF CONFIDENCE and laser like FOCUS.  And you do that by using HYPNOSIS!

If you are interested in a sports hypnosis session with me its important to know that you do not have to come to Reno, Nevada to work with me.

I coach  hypnosis sessions with athletes  by telephone and in both in person here in Reno, NV and I'm often in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area  (California) near Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose.  However by special arrangement I may be  in your city and by telephone so you can get hypnotized by me no matter where you live or simply  buy one of my sports hypnosis CDs or Mp3s that are unique to your sport.

I coach / train / work with athletes pre season, post season and primarily during the season. You do not and should not wait until there is a problem in your performance before contacting me because I can help you get from whatever level that you are currently at to where you want to be as an athlete in your sport, very quickly. I help pros, major and minor league, college, high school and even junior high / middle school athletes too.

As a Sports Hypnotherapist I can frequently notice things that coaches don't. Its this ability that helps set me apart from coaches and other sports hypnotherapists or sports psychologists in getting athletes to a higher level and giving them an edge over the competition.

Regardless of your sport you will be a far better athlete.

During the season

Most of the time my athletes call me from their hotel room a few hours prior to a game, competition, try out or practice.. All you do is  put on your headset or earphones and get into a comfortable chair or bed where you can be undisturbed for 30 minutes to 1 hour while I guide you through a very  empowering  hypnosis session.

You will experience results from your sports hypnosis session IMMEDIATELY!

This is because I'm the hypnotist that GETS YOU THE RESULTS

I'm not the hypnotist who ALMOST gets you the results!

Hypnosis for sports
In person hypnosis sessions:

Although telephone hypnosis sessions are VERY EFFECTIVE...When I coach in person with an athlete I like being in your competitive or practice arena and having you in your game  uniform so that you are mentally and physically associated.   For example I like hypnotizing  baseball pitchers  on their  mound wearing their uniform. Batters at the plate, position players at their position.  I have also  held hypnosis sessions in a batting cage / tunnel.  Football players on the field or in the training room, baseball players in a tunnel or cage,  hockey players at the ice rink, golfers  on the green... pickleball and tennis player on the court, gymnasts on mats, weightlifters in a weight room etc... Ironically,I prefer not to hypnotize bowlers in a bowling alley or  shooters at a range as  the  noise and sudden crashing and shooting is a bit distracting.

If you want to book a hypnosis session and you are  from outside of the USA we will do our sports hypnosis session / mental game training  work via Skype or a similar service so that you can keep your phone bill low.  I also have a variety of Sports Hypnosis CDs and Mp3 downloads that I sell which are very effective in getting you all of the results that you want in your sport.

If you are an athlete who is a minor or you are a parent of an athlete who is a  "minor" you must be present during any hypnosis session and that includes any telephone sessions as well. Any phone hypnosis sessions with minors  by phone, a parent or guardian must be  on the line as well.

It Does Not Matter If You Are A Pro Athlete Who Is Struggling To Stay On The Team,..If you are a minor league athlete looking to move back up to the big leagues... It does not Matter if You Are Currently Just Playing as an Average Team Member or If You Are  Playing Very Well Near The Top of Your Game...  If You Are Already A Champion or if You Just DREAM of being one ...

If you are a golfer, bowler of if you play baseball, football, pickleball, hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball weight lifting, bodybuilding do gymnastics, tennis, or any other sport doing mental game training using hypnosis will help you play your sport at your highest level possible.

Remember: As you can see from this website that not only am I an entertainer who performs Stage Hypnosis but by day I am  a Sports Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist based out of Reno / Sparks Nevada  however you do not need to live here or come to Northern Nevada in-order to work with me because I  do hypnosis appointments by telephone and Skype with athletes from all over the United States, Canada and  of course world wide. Also with Reno / Sparks being so close to Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose Santa Clara San Mateo County (aka Silicon Valley)  I am frequently hypnotizing an entire team at a college, training camp sports  facility or with an athlete privately somewhere in Northern California.

Chris Cady, Sports Hypnotist
8175 S. Virginia St # 850-233
Reno, NV 89511

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professional major league baseballs and gloves close up  at a secret sports training camp facility
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sports hypnosis with college athletes football and valleyball and rowing athletes hypnotized on stage by hypnotist chris cady
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Reno Hypnotist
Sports Hypnotist
Chris Cady
Located in
Reno, Nevada
I coach, train and hypnotize athletes mostly by phone or Skype & also  in person (usually on location)
My telephone number is
Self Confidence Hypnosis Program
Hypnosis For Baseball
Sports Program
For Training The mental game of baseball

Hypnosis For
Sports Program
Hypnosis For
Bowl More Strikes
Hypnosis For Football
mental game
training with hypnosis
Hypnosis For Soccer
Sports Program
Helps Soccer Players
Go From Ordinary To
By working on their mental game training
using hypnosis.

"In Sports There is NO ROOM
for FEAR!
If you are afraid
you are gonna go home!"

This is a quote told directly to me
from Scott Spiezio, Retired Major League Baseball Player
Retired. Cardinals, Angels, A's. Mariners.
Naturally it applies to all sports.

Sports Hypnotist Chris Cady
using sports hypnosis / hypnotherapy for football
with The Cal Berkeley Bears Football Team.
More Hypnosis For Sports
Here I am again hypnotizing the
Humbolt State College Football team
along with the volleyball team.
Somewhere in the USA is this super secret
sports training facility where I hypnotize baseball players
and other athletes too. I'm showing you these 2 photos because
these are the photos that they would allow me to take
and I want every athlete to see them because most athletes like looking at sports equipment and
think they only need to work on their physical game until they start having problems that physical practice
won't solve.
You can  throw & hit baseballs all day long.
The same goes for hitting golf balls
rolling your bowling ball, shooting pucks, hoops, running or lifting weights
until you drop.
Without working on your MENTAL GAME by using hypnosis to
exercise that ball between your ears, you are leaving out 90%
of your game!

Exercise Motivation

hypnosis exercise motivation cd for men
hypnotist Chris Cady  doing hypnosis with a football mental game toughness
hypnotist Chris Cady  doing hypnosis with a pac 10 college football mental game toughness
hypnotist Chris Cady demonstration hypnosis with a football mental game toughness
Sports Hypnotist Chris Cady
coaching / training sports hypnosis for football & Track & Volleyball
with The Humbolt State Football Team & Athletic Department
Here I am hypnotizing a college football team for mental game focus
and toughness.
Here I am hypnotizing another college football team for mental game focus
and toughness.
Hypnosis for