Pain get out of pain using hypnosis
pain get rid of pain with hypnotist chris cady
Need Pain relief?
Unusual Reno Nevada Man
Will Show You
How To  Get Rid of Your Pain
Quickly, Easily and Affordably

It works for if you are suffering from low back, neck, shoulder knee leg or heel pain
Fibromyalgia, menstrual pain, rheumatoid arthritis, pain from cancer, surgery or even phantom pain.

And If It Does Not Work for YOU
You do not have to pay me one dime!

Name One Pain Management Doctor or Chiropractor or Pain Pill Drug Company Who Will
give you 100% of Your money back if you are still in pain after they "help" you.

But  I take people out of pain every day and I will help even YOU live pain free
if you will take 5 minutes to read about my unusual technique that does not involve

pain medications, pot , needles, surgery or anything dangerous... if you will let me.

Lets face it,  living life in pain is horrible.

Trust me I know.

It does not matter if you are suffering from low back, neck, shoulder knee leg or heel pain
Fibromyalgia, menstrual pain, rheumatoid arthritis, pain from cancer, surgery or even phantom pain.

Whatever your pain is from its all a pain in the butt and you are probably only reading this because you have tried everything else and here you are still in  pain.

Am I right? Of course I am because people only come to me when they have run out of options and spent a lot of money on pain control
and do you know what always happens?

People just like YOU come to me totally skeptical thinking they are gonna waste their money
and they leave immediately between 20% and 100% better.

Now I will admit that 20-100% is a pretty big stretch but when people come to me in chronic pain even a 20% decrease  in pain is a win.
However most people receive pain relief much closer to 100% and  are very surprised how effective my techniques are for pain reduction.

So If you want pain relief I can help you

You probably think its odd that an entertainer who gets up on a stage in Reno and hypnotizes people for entertainment
can help you reduce your pain between 20% and 100%  (probably closer to 100%) in just a few hours.

But I truly can show you how even YOU can live  and function PAIN FREE
only by using the  power of your mind.

In the last 2 years  I have helped people

eliminate back pain, neck and shoulder pain, lower back, knee, pain and more. I helped a woman who had "frozen shoulder"
"unfreeze her shoulder" and regain full use of it after just 20 minutes with me.

I can do it for you because I DID IT FOR MYSELF FIRST
and you will learn how I did it and what I will do for you if you will just keep reading.

Some of my clients came to me in as a result  of a  car accident, sports injury, injuries from the war. Military war vets of all ages  with shrapnel in their  spine and all sorts of war wounds.... Men and women with  fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, surgery pain,  sciatica muscle pain, frozen shoulder, you name it.

Many of them  have gone to all sort of pain management doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and even had multiple surgeries. Many have been on all sorts of pain drugs that basically left them addicted and feeling numb and depressed and unable to function in a haze of medication and pain.

until I discovered amazing about how to use the hidden power of your mind to heal your body, block pain signals and GET OUT OF PAIN!


I'm shortening this story because I don't want to ruin your day, but here goes.

In December of 1986 I was a 16 year old boy working in Sun Valley Mall in Concord California when an airplane suddenly slammed through the roof crashing just a few feet from where I stood.  I ended up involved in the rescue effort and as a result ended up with a back injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In a nutshell there was nothing that could have prepared me for the horrible images I encountered that night. There is no Stephen King Novel or film that could duplicate what I experienced
and I am certain that you will appreciate being spared the details, so lets just say that  I have a very strong appreciation for what  first responders and combat vets go through and my PTSD was well earned that night.

In my search for an effective way of treating my PTSD I used hypnosis as a way of calming my mind and detaching from the emotion of that horrible night.  However I did not know about its use for eliminating pain til many years later.


Somewhere in the early 1990s  a drunk driver slammed into the back of my car in the middle of a snowstorm near Lake Tahoe.  I suffered a concussion, severe whiplash, head, neck  and shoulder and back pain. My pain was off the charts. Several  months later it left me  $20,000 out of pocket practically wasted on ineffective  doctors, physical therapists and zombie medications that left me dazed and confused.  I began looking for alternative treatments

I found  pain relief in

Massages, acupuncture and HYPNOSIS!

What I liked best about hypnosis was that  I could do it on my own because once you train yourself to harness the untapped power of your mind you can do this in bed. What is truly amazing is that within a few days of learning how to use hypnosis to heal my body and block pain I was able to throw away all of my pain medications (with exception of an occasional asprin) and  focus my mind to give my body healing power and to block pain signals.

I know it sounds like science fiction but I promise that it works.

You see, your mind is like a giant super computer and your body is like a robot and all it does is follow the suggestions given to it by the computer. Your mind also has an incredible amount of HEALING POWER!

Lets face it. If you cut or scratch yourself your body automatically heals itself.  If you get sick your body heals itself.

Now with this being said perhaps you are saying to yourself, Self? Why am I still in pain?"

Well,  sometimes your body needs a bit more help from your brain.


Here's how it  works:

This CD  uses very powerful   highly effective hypnosis techniques that are  going to help you get your mind and body working as one by  showing  you how to tap into your minds hidden power and energy in-order to heal your body and free yourself of  discomfort and pain so that you can enjoy your life more when you are sleeping and of course while awake.

Here are the instructions that will help you get the maximum benefit from this CD.

While listening to this CD, you will close their eyes and  become VERY relaxed and will go into hypnosis and you may drift into natural sleep.

You can  listen to this CD as part of a nap at  your normal bedtime or even upon awakening in the morning and if you do listen to the CD at bed time you'll fall asleep much faster than normal and you will sleep much better.

You can use this CD with or without headphones. Sit in a comfortable chair or lie in your bed or couch.  Then listen to this CD and relax. Just let the fabulous sensation of total relaxation come over you and follow along to what is being said on the CD. YOU WILL HEAR MY GENTLE VOICE AND BEAUTIFUL PIANO AND GUITAR MUSIC
guiding you into  deep relaxation.
Now if you are an overly analytical type who tends to over analyze everything or if you have a fear of losing control then I have some special instructions for you. You see people who take occupations as engineers, electricians, analysts, financial people, accounts, cops, military, attorneys  etc tend to  have a strong need to stay in control and they also tend to analyze everything. And in order for you to get results with this CD you are going to have to do something that is a bit different then your normal way of behavior.  You are going to relax, let go and just let things happen. Now I know that this just sounded uncomfortable to you but  I have good news. There is no need to  worry because you will remain in control at all times. In fact you will be more in control because you will get your mind to gain control over your body again and your health will improve.
I'm going to show you how to do this and you will be impressed by  how easy it is to do so.

Now I know that if you are analytical the first several times you hear this CD it will be your nature to analyze it, you may find that rather then relaxing  you are listening intently to my every word and trying to figure out the process.  If your nature is to analyze everything then by all means  go ahead and do that for  the first several times of listening and once you get tired of analyzing you decide that I'm not going to tell you to do anything wacky then you can just relax  and  enjoy this CD.  After you  allow your self to  relax just let your  powerful mind and creative imagination take over then you will experience the benefits of this CD and let the wonderful process of relaxing and healing happen.  Soon you will notice how much better that you feel.
Now because I know that you are interested in knowing how it is that  your mind can heal your body Ill explain it very simply.  Your brain is like a giant super computer. Normally we only use about 10% of our minds power. So in hypnosis we activate and use the  other 90%. As you know, if you get a cut on your body  your mind tells your body to heal itself and it does within a few days. If you brake a bone it heals itself. If you have surgery    your body heals itself.   Also there have been times in your past where you have injured yourself and been in pain and then that pain went away because your mind  told your body to heal it.  So now for whatever reason you obviously have some pain that has not gone away which is why we need to  tap into your brains hidden reserves of  power and  get it to heal yourself.  So that is the easiest simplest way I can put it.
If you need to know more, well feel free to spend time  doing your own research.

As for me, I don't need to how how electricity works in order to experience the benefits of it this is the same way
Its much easier to just  believe that this works and experience the results rather then need to figure it all out.  Because if it does not work for you then you can send it back for a FULL REFUND.

Now on the other hand if you are NOT an analytical type you are in for a real treat as it will be your natural inclination to just relax  and enjoy this CD and all of its benefits.
If you just relax, you will feel absolutely fabulous and you will gain control over your mind and your body and you will get the results that you desire which is of course  getting rid of  pain. 

Many people only need to listen to the CD a few times and others need to listen to it every day for 30 days. In general I recommend every day for at least 30 days. If you  have the time and want to use it 2 or 3 times a day you are welcome to do so. You can not “overdose on hypnosis”

Now some folks may need 60 days in order to get their results but the key is to do what works for YOU. Because everyone is different! I'll repeat again, do what works for YOU. Because everyone is different! Some of my clients have listened to the CD one time and have immediately experienced the results that they desired. Others needed more time with the program.
I want you to know that
Professional athletes use these  techniques all of the time to master the mental game of their sport, block out distractions, to  become more focused, eliminate any negative thoughts about failure, stimulate muscle growth, stimulate healing to injuries and to improve their sport, so you are in good company. Also  remember I created this program after using it to heal my own back and neck and shoulder injuries. I know it works.
The CD is only around 40 minutes  long and when you wake up you'll feel like you’ve had 8 hrs of great sleep.
Oh by the way. In case you are wondering. It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to become stuck in hypnosis.  If some type of urgent situation were to happen while you are hypnotized where you had to be awake and instantly alert. Don't worry, you'd immediately wake up and snap out of hypnosis  (just as if you were taking a regular nap). In fact under hypnosis your brain is SUPER alert because your body is completely relaxed and free of any tension. But if you are still apprehensive,  set your alarm clock.

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