how to overcome fear
And what to do about it!
If you are being held back by any sort of fear and you want to know how to get over. This will be the most important  website that you ever  read.

Here is why,

To begin:
1) In-order to get rid of any fear or phobia its important to know that when you work with ME, I use hypnosis / hypnotherapy which is highly effective because all feelings are in your sub-conscious mind. Hypnosis deals with the sub-conscious mind.

You will NOT have to FACE YOUR FEAR!
Facing your fear is far too scary for people. If you could "face your fear" you'd have done it already.

What I do is use hypnosis to basically "flip off the fear switch" and "flip on the switch" for relaxation and self confidence so that you can behave in a rational and confident way when your fearful situation occurs. I do it all without exposing you to anything or having to come in contact with this thing that causes you discomfort.   I know that may seem impossible but its not.

2) Using my hypnosis / hypnotherapy techniques, most people are able to overcome their fears by 90-100%  in about 1-2 hours.

3) I help people get over their fear both in person, here in Reno, Nevada and by telephone and skype all the time.
Please don't think that  somehow the telephone is less effective.  I get excellent  results by phone. Often the phone is even more effective because you can call me from the comfort of your own home.

I do not do the kind of "therapy" that you may have seen on TV where you have to touch,confront or deal with the thing or situation that scares you.

Instead, I use a much kinder, gentler way of helping you  get over this fear by using hypnosis to "recode" the part of your brain that stores the feelings and thoughts about this "thing" that is causing you fear so that you can deal with and control  "it" in a rational manner instead of having "IT," CONTROL YOU.

People are held back by 2 things

Chains and FEAR!

Public speaking, fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, darkness,  spiders, snakes, insects, drowning, water, fear of  rejection, animals, speaking to women, men,  flying, germs... being afraid of driving a car or a motorcycle or a bike...

You'd rather die then face your fear wouldn't you? Yet you found your way here.

As the sun sank down into the abyss,  I was standing on the edge of a cliff high above the ocean in a far away seaside Mexican resort watching men cliff dive.  Two men were having a discussion.

The first man said,

"I'd love to do that one day but I'm too afraid."

The second man said,

"Then you are just like most people. They are busy living their fears instead of living their dreams..."

If you have problems with any sort of fear.  If just the thought of this thing you are fearful of makes you sweat, nervous or changes your breathing. If you feel sick or held back and you want to change it I may be able to help you.

You see I'm a HYPNOTIST.  Even that word may scare you.

Let me tell you quite humbly why I feel that I am the best person in the world to help you overcome your fear.

I have been in the trenches.

If you read about me elsewhere on this site you will know that I had / have PTSD aka Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome   as a result of a horrible event that took place when I was 17 years old. 

In a nutshell I had to figure out how to, "fix myself" so that I was not afraid of everything that went bump in the night or even in the day.
Now I wont go into what my own fears were here or how it is that I had PTSD  because I do not want to activate your fears. All that really matters is that instead of dealing with a "head shrinker" who would simply siphon my wallet with endless "talk therapy"sessions. I discovered a course of action that is highly effective.  In the interest of full disclosure  I'd say I have this PTSD  about 90% fixed and under control.  Which is pretty darned good compared to the statistics.  What is great is that I use the same formula I used on myself to help people overcome basically any fear.

Most people are able to overcome their fears by 90-100%
If we work together to overcome your fear

You will NOT have to FACE YOUR FEAR. You will  use hypnosis to recode your feelings about this thing that you fear so that you CHANGE and recode all of the feelings associated with this fear. This way when these things or situations appear in your life you can  deal with them in a calm and rational and confident manner.

Because of the way that I do it. Its actually quite easy.  Unlike with a "treatment" that professional "head shrinkers" call "exposure therapy" where they torture you over several sessions by making you deal with your fears head on.  I show you how to use hypnosis to basically "flip off the fear switch" and flip on the switch for relaxation and self confidence so that you can behave in a rational and confident way when your fearful situation occurs. I do it all without exposing you to anything or having to come in contact with this thing that causes you discomfort.

Every person with a phobia such as fear of spiders asks me "Your not going to make me hold a tarantula or  let spiders crawl all over me are you?

I would never do anything even remotely close to this.  Quite frankly even though I have zero fear of spiders and I still would not want them crawling on me. So things like this is not what we would do.

What we do is quick, easy, safe, calming  and effective.

The process happens very quickly and as a result the fear melts away like ice on a hot summer day.

Sound good?

Here are a few of my many successes using hypnosis to remove fears and phobias.

I have used hypnosis to help numerous business and sales people go from being  paralyzed with fear over giving speeches and sales presentations to being able to give dynamic sales presentations.

I have helped people overcome fear of driving a motorcycle or a car.

I have used hypnosis to help  sales people who, "could not close,"  become "top closers"

I have helped several "Best Men" who had to give a toast at a wedding go from a place of total panic to one of calm confidence.

I have helped hysterical women go from having total panic attacks over seeing a spider to being able to calmly ignore or even remove the spider. ( Notice I did not say "kill" the spider)

I have used hypnosis with teens and adult  men who were confident in every area of their life except their social skills with women go from not being able to say hello to a woman to being able to flirt and begin successfully dating.

I have used hypnosis to help male and female athletes overcome all sorts of  fears that they develop in their sport as a result of an injury or serious mistake. I have worked with  bowlers, golfers, foot ball and baseball players, shooters, skiers, motorcycle and car racers, basket ball, volleyball players. You name the sport.

Quick example:  I once had a pole vaulter have his pole break  and he because so fearful he could not compete. After one 90 minute session he was back in full force.  A similar situation happened with a young gymnastics athlete and a flying trapeze artist  who suddenly developed a fear of letting go of the bar.

I have had musicians, comedians and other stage performers overcome stage fright.  (By the way I am a performer myself and I have ZERO fear of public speaking or being on stage. For me it is actually the most comfortable fearless place in the world.)

So if you are interested in getting rid of this fear or the  fears that is holding you back and keeping you from living a life of freedom...

Pull your thumb out of your behind and call me and  "Lets get er done" a
Chris Cady, Hypnotist,


Using hypnosis in person or by telephone I will help you with your specific FEARFUL issue.
You can call or email me and speak for 5 minutes for FREE.
I will quickly let you know if I feel that  I can help you  or not.
I have helped a lot of people  overcome their fear or phobia but I'm not right for everyone.

Don't be afraid
Be calm



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