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If You Are Looking For some fun corporate entertainment for your companies convention or company party in Reno Nevada or elsewhere, Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis Show  is fun and safe corporate entertainment. The show is an audience participation show
and its perfect for your company convention or party unless you are one of the companies that is far to uptight to work for.

Due to the society we have created, it is pretty hard to find any sort of corporate entertainment for your company holiday party these days that wont give your HR or legal department nightmares. So we want you to know that if you  book this show for your company event.

You wont hear any language that you might have heard on Archie Bunker, Good Times, Southpark, Saturday Night Live,  or Jerry Springer. We wont say any words that may require the interpretation of a minor.... there wont be any nudity (darn that part)... With the exception of the cougar that serves cocktails during the show, there aren't any animals to bite anyone... There are no racial remarks, (how can this possibly be a comedy show)  We wont do any routines that single out any group or sub-culture, no matter how unusual they are.  (Takes all the fun out of life doesn't it?) But since YOU,  employer of the litigious American worker want to have some entertainment at your party.

We hope you will consider this show for your companies holiday party, company party, employee party, winter fest (notice I did not say Christmas party)  So if you want to see if we are right for your company party  go ahead and look at the video.

You can  come to us or we can bring the show to you.

To book this show for your event  call 775-425-5847

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Chris Cady's "Get Hypnotized"
Audience Participation Comedy Hypnosis Show playing at the Pioneer Underground Theater in
downtown Reno is by far one of the best corporate or company entertainment options in The Sparks Reno Nevada Area
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For a complete description of this show and how it makes for great corporate entertainment in Reno or Tahoe iny our own city.

Go back to the home page and read all about it. After all because  you are corporate chances are  you are getting paid for doing this.
Also be sure to take a look at the hilarious  videos of this show.  Hypnotist Chris Cady has performed this hypnosis show for numerous fortune 500 companies.
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