anger management

How To Automatically Eliminate
Anger And Rage
With Hypnosis Even though Its Not YOUR Fault.

First of all  ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! The problem is everyone else

If you are reading this because someone told you  that you might be able to get help with your anger problem and you think they are full of B.S.  Ask yourself this:

Whenever you get you act like Mel Gibson or  a contestant on a reality TV show... do you behave more like a pro wrestler or a drill instructor then you do like an average or even wimpy person who does not yell.  Do your kids, spouse and your pets cower when you enter the room. Do you get into altercations with people in traffic, the store, work or home and  over trivial stuff... do you find yourself  getting red faced, angry, shouting, clenching your teeth shoulders, fist, jaw,  using violence, cussing, breaking things, blowing up, driving crazy, speeding up, slamming on the breaks... do you punch walls, kick doors...

Have you have ever gotten "locked up" due to any sort of violence or anger issues by the real members of Reno 911 or even had them called due to a domestic dispute? IF you said, "YES" to any of these things,  Its still not your fault

maybe its time for you to learn how to get control over your emotions so you can stop looking like a jackass and embarrassing yourself and scaring the hell out of everyone.
Now if I just described your situation above I'm sure you don't have an anger problem. Its everyone else right? Of course it is. If they would just  not do stupid things to provoke you,  you would not have to get mad right?

Of course you are right. Its always everyone else. They need a class, they need to get hypnotized, not you. Right?

See I'm on your side.

So look buckwheat...

It does not really matter who is to blame.  It does not matter that everyone else is driving to slow, cuts you off,  doesn't do what they  promised or is just an idiot.

What is important to your sanity  (and to keeping out of jail) is that you react to  people and things that  upset you in a  calm  non violent way. Even though whatever and whoever is making you frustrated and angry is all THEIR FAULT.

Now even though its someone else's fault. I have some really neat news for you.


If you do not learn how to react calmly on your own by taking control of your emotions and using  my $50.00 anger management hypnosis CD program which helps you to have total control over when you listen to it and how you use it...

Chances are  very likely  that you will end up in a court ordered $500.00 anger management program. Which will be dictated by  an angry judge as to when and where  you go to anger management classes and for how long and who the teacher is.   Oh, by the way you will most likely not like the court ordered anger management class for a few reasons all of which I will share with you.

First because anger management class is always on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Nights which means that instead of watching Monday Night Football or going to bowling league or going down to Hooters and getting chicken wings and singing karaoke, you will be sitting in anger management class.


because anger management class is always at the local adult education center which is always the oldest crappiest high school in your city where you will have to park your car in a dusty dirty gravel parking lot and then walk down a smelly old chewing gum lined hallway past lockers with missing doors,  peeling drab green and the half torn bomb shelter signs left over from WW2.
Then once you enter the classroom you get to sit  in a 100 year old school desk built by inmates who have anger issues far worse than yours. The classroom will be void of  air conditioning or heat and all of the other students, who will also be there by court order, will be people who you would probably not want to spend a lot of time with. Why? because  all of them also have anger issues. So chances are  that you will find yourself getting into a fight with someone at  anger management class. (Life is funny that way) 

And do you know what happens the first night of Anger Management Class?

Let me  tell you, everyone has to stand up and reveal why they are in anger management class.

This will kind of remind you of "show and tell," back in kindergarten...
Except that THIS "show and tell" is for all the really BAD kids!

You will meet some really wonderful people all of whom you will think you are above.  To begin, most of your fellow anger management students will arrive by van from the local half way houses where they are living so they can receive court ordered therapy before they are completely released into society.  Many of your other students will be there because they are on probation while others will be court ordered just like you as part of some sort of plea bargain to keep them out of jail.

You will meet a whole bunch of women who are like Tiger Woods ex-wife (except they will have tattoos and a lot less teeth) and they will explain in women language  what seems to them to be  a very  rational reason for using a golf club for doing body work on their boyfriend or husbands car and sometimes his head...  You will meet a bunch of very angry women many of whom are residents of your local housing projects who on more than one occasion decided to take all of their baby daddy clothes and set them on fire in the bathtub, or after kicking out his  car window put his clothes into his car and  setting it on fire because he lost all the WIC money in a dice game. (Yes this seems to be phenomenon that takes place in housing projects all over America. )
Next, You will meet lots of people who  road rage and they will tell you how they followed someone who "cut them off" for miles until they got home so they could beat them up in their driveway. You will pray that you never cut them off or  have to car-pool with these folks... You will meet people who chase grade schoolers down the sidewalk with their lawn mower  because they stepped on their grass. You will meet people named "Rebel" and "Gangster" and "Mad Dog"  who have spider web tattoos on their necks and elbow and  who have hurt their pets,  kids and their granny so horribly they make Mike Tyson and O.J. look like nice guys.

I know that you are laughing right now because I'm not talking about you  because everyone else is just an idiot and even though you know that you have a short temper you don't have an anger problem and this is all B.S.

So read this part.

Also you will not like the anger management  teacher because they will be some sort of psychology school drop out who listens to  a lot of Dr. Laura and will dogmatically tell you a lot of things that you don't want to hear,  like, "Your inability to control your  bad temper is  really  your fault" and they will want you to be responsible for your bad behavior even though everyone else is the problem and you like  the way you are. They will also make you take tests that rate your level of anger and that you will think are all B.S. even though they show that you are "off the charts" when it comes to your anger issues that naturally you don't really have because "its everyone else."  

If that's not bad enough and you have more issues with the court due to violence and anger or if you miss a class... the judge may make you repeat the class again and again until he or she (even worse if you get a female judge Judy type) is convinced that you can "play nice" in society. That means that instead of watching Monday Night Football or singing karaoke at Hooters or going bowling and drinking a beer, you have to sit in anger management class down at  George Mc Crappy Adult Continuation Center, along with all the other pissed off people who are also missing Monday Night Football or karaoke or bowling league.

Oh wait... yes it gets  worse my hot tempered friend

Of course if the  $500.00 court ordered anger management program does not work for you then maybe you will be able to get help from the FREE anger management program that comes with your jail sentence. Followed by the anger management classes that come from family services or Child Protective Services which will certainly be a condition of  you being able to see your children. By the way it will only be under the supervision of a court appointed supervisor who you will also have to PAY FOR.
Oh I forgot
your spouse will probably leave you and your kids will hate your guts and then there is this thing called child support...

Sounding like fun? Especially since you don't have an anger  problem.

Now I'd bet you are wondering how it is that I know all of this.

Well buckwheat the fact is  SEVERAL PEOPLE just like you have  told me that someone told them to get my Anger Management CD or someone else's CD,  program book, dvd, whatever and they did not get them and then all of the above happened and they end up getting my CD now, hoping it will help.

So now if you want to stop being such a hard head even though you don't have a problem and  you want to  chose the easy way to fix this anger problem even though you don't really have a problem (everyone else does) here is what my anger management CD will do for you.
The first thing you need to know is this:

What I do is quick, easy and effective. No one has to know about it because its a CD that you can listen to at bedtime or naptime...

The process happens very quickly and as a result  you will feel better all the time because you will learn to "automatically flip off the anger switch and flip on a relaxation switch" whenever  situations that cause  anger come up.

This way you can still watch Monday Night Football or go bowling or sing karaoke or whatever it is you would rather do then be the newest court ordered student in anger management class.

Sound good?

Here are a few of my many successes.

I have used this
How To Automatically Eliminate
Anger And Rage Hypnosis CD  to  help adults (both male and female) stop shouting, swearing at and hitting each other and their kids and pets.

I have helped chronic "road ragers" go from total nervous, anxious stressed out dangerous crazy people  to being able to drive calmly in even the worst traffic.

I have helped some of the absolute meanest  employers and supervisors ever created go from tyrannical dictators with the emphasis on dick  go from to acting like drill instructors, to effective leaders who were able to speak calmly with their employees.

Using my CD is really very simple. All you do is listen at bedtime or as part of a nap and here is what will  happen
You will hear my soft calm voice speaking to you over what is some of the most soft wonderful and relaxing peaceful music ever created.
I will guide you into a wonderful trance and you will go off to sleep. (Don't worry you will hear everything that I say). Next I will speak to your subconscious mind which is the more powerful part of your mind. You will basically be recoding feelings and behaviors so that when things that would normally make you angry or violent happen instead of reacting in an angry manner you will deal with the situation in a rational calm way that is conducive to good mental and physical health.

The process happens quickly and easily and don't worry I wont turn you into some sort of new age flufball.


By the way  this CD comes with a 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee is unconditional and is good anytime ever. Hey I don't want you mad at me.
So if you return it for any reason you will get all of your money back minus a few bucks for shipping and handling ( fair enough)
this is a heck of a lot cheaper then Anger Management Classes a divorce lawyer or a stay in the Cross Bar Hotel

if all this sounds good why not  just get one tody before you get mad and  do something crazy...

Fair enough?  All you have to do is go back to the top of this page and  order with your credit card or call the phone number
or send me a money order or cash payable to Chris Cady
8175 S. Virginia St # 850-233
Reno, NV 89511

the name of the CD is at the top of this page but you can simply  stick in a slip of paper and say "Anger Management"

PS: Getting this CD and  getting rid of these anger issues that you don't have will be the best thing that you ever do for yourself. If you get the CD you will have a much better life for the price of 2 large pizzas and a few beers. If you don't get the CD or at least do something about your anger issues and you do end up in jail. I wont be able to help you because  even if your family decides to get you this CD.  They do not allow CDs in jail. Only basketballs.
Best wishes...
Chris Cady, Hypnotist,
Reno, Nevada

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anger management hypnosis cd
Do not take any anger management class or buy this program until you read this letter.

How To Automatically Eliminate Your
Anger And Rage With Hypnosis Even though Its Not YOUR Fault.
It's  quick, EASY and effective. No one has to know about it because its a CD that you can listen to at bedtime or naptime...
Getting this CD and getting rid of these anger issues that you don't think you have will be the best thing that you ever do for yourself. If you get this anger management CD, you will have a much better life for the price of 2 large pizzas and a few beers. However If you don't get this anger management CD or at least do something about your anger issues and you end up in jail.
I won't be able to help you.
Over the years
I have received many thank you letters and telephone calls
from people from all walks of life
who have used my anger management  hypnosis CD to help them
reduce their stress, temper, anger, rage
and overall unacceptable stress related behavior.

Most of these folks are
who have children, fight traffic, work with the public, have high stress jobs, high pressure or just plain mean and nasty bosses
co-workers, customers or family members who annoy them, bug them
are abusive, stress them out, abuse them verbally or are difficult to deal with.

Many of my customers  are

Cops, school teachers, parents,
coaches, lawyers,students of all ages,
very successful business people,military and ex-military
married or single parents, day care center workers,
prison guards, bus drivers, auto mechanics
stay at home moms and people from other walks of life
who were under lots of stress and were not managing it properly
and they  got angry and yelled, swore, screamed and behaved abusively.

Most of my clients  are highly driven and feel that they are under LOTS of pressure
and that their angry reaction to pressure is somehow necessary but they still need to change it in-order to save their relationship, health or keep out of jail.

After using my program they  found that  all the  things that normally would irritate them
no longer did and they were
able to  "let things roll off,  and react rationally. They begin sleeping better, feeling better and have a better life almost immediately without turning into a new age "fluff-ball."

Whatever it is that you do
Whoever it is that you are.
All you need is a desire to
improve how it is that you
act and react to stress related
things that make you angry
and blow your stack.

I know that my anger management program will help YOU too!
I look forward to hearing from you.