Stop Vaping Smoking E Cigarettes With Hypnosis
Here is the Truth about E -Cigarettes / Vaping.
If you switched to E cigarettes because you thoght it would be a less harmful way of smoking. Lets face it. You have been duped!
As you know there are vaping shops on every block here in Reno and in Sparks selling their poison.
Vaping and Smoking E-Cigarettes Is equally as harmful to you and maybe even worse
for you than smoking tobacco. 
The Good News is That if you want to

Stop Smoking Vaping E-Cigarettes In Reno Nevada The Easy Way
With Hypnosis
I Can Help You Quickly and Easily.

Why Not Make 2017 The Year That YOU FINALLY STOP Vaping or Smoking E-Cigarettes FOR GOOD!!!

The difference between me and most of the other hypnotherapists is this...

I'm the guy who GETS YOU the results...

I'm NOT the guy who ALMOST gets you the results.

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why only when you come to see me for your hypnosis session here in my Reno office and become a NON VAPER / SMOKER of E- Cigarettes. This time for good.

Here is the deal:
Everyday the phone rings and women and men of all ages tell me that they switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping
or that they used to smoke and  then started vaping thinking that it would be a safe way to smoke and now they do both.
As a result they ended up with a bunch of health related problems that they did not know where possible.
I have heard about people getting  blisters in their throats and noses and on their tongues,  having difficulty breathing, ending up in the emergency with poisoning from the juices / vapors and more...

If you live in the Reno Sparks area or you will be here
and you want to stop VAPING... quit VAPING.. or smoking the E Cigarettes  this time for good. If you don't want any withdrawals or cravings and you want to do this quickly, easily in just about 1 hour
you should see me immediately or order my CD or DOWNLOADABLE MP3, which are equally as effective for quitting vaping.

Now Regarding appointments
each month I make time to see a few people
who want to stop vaping and become non vapers/ smokers FOR GOOD! I'm very good at what I do. I'm so good at getting people to become non vapers or smokers of E cigarettes  using hypnosis that If there were an Olympics for hypnotists I would get a gold medal for it.

So  if you come to see me to stop Vaping or using E Cigarettes
In 60-90 minutes there is a very good chance that you will never, do so again.

I can't honestly tell you  that I have a  100% success rate but its darned close to 100%
and there is a very good reason for it. It's a closely guarded secret that is only shared with those who come and see me.

Many vapers / smokers come to me after failing with other hypnotists, failing with "the patch" (biggest scam product ever invented)  or failing with the nicotine gum or the other stop vaping / smoking products.

Most of the stop vaping or  smoking pills, patches and gum have such a high  rate of failure I think its a joke that they are even legal to use. Plus most of them come with some pretty weird side effects.
Also many people who switch to the nicotine gum actually become addicted to the gum.

When it comes to other hypnotherapists who claim to help smokers with stopping vaping or smoking E cigarettes or other tobacco products, most are well meaning but are simply incompetent.

The difference between me and most of the other hypnotherapists is this...

I'm the guy who GETS YOU the results...I'm not the guy who almost gets you the results.

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why only when you come to see me for your hypnosis session here in my Reno office and become a NON VAPER OR SMOKER. This time for good.

This is also why I CHARGE MORE then  they do. But if things go as planned you will pay me only ONCE. With cheaper hypnotherapists you have to come back over and over. It benefits me to "fix you" in one session because you will refer your smoker friends to me. That's why when you come to see me to stop smoking, you usually come one time.
I respect your time, your money and your health.

Of course with VAPING e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes you pay with your money, your health and with the quality of your life.

Trust me I'm a lot cheaper than E-cigarettes, vaping devices, chemotherapy, having a lung removed, a lifetime of inhalers, oxygen tanks, or all the money you will spend on cosmetics to cover up your wrinkled skin.

If you are thinking about seeing a hypnotist to help you stop vaping or smoking e cigarettes  just because your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, is bugging you to stop...and ultimately you just want them to stop nagging you so you can keep on smoking away... Please  don't call me
because I'm not interested in messing around with you. It's a waste of time and money.

However, If you really want to stop vaping or smoking e cigarettes and you are, "sick and tired of being sick and tired"and you want to stop messing around and really become a non vaper non smoker  ...

Reno Sparks Northern Nevada Call me at 775-425-5847

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist

To Stop Vaping / Smoking E-Cigarettes
The Easy Way By Using Hypnosis

call me at

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist, Reno Nevada

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Usually when  a person who vapes or smokes E cigarettes calls me and wants to become a NON vaper or smoker of E-cigarettes they want to schedule a stop vaping / smoking session immediately either in person or by telephone.

However I am very busy and often do not have appointments available as quickly as you would like to so in order  to help smokers who need hypnosis / hypnotherapy in Reno Nevada or anywhere else on the planet

We can do telephone appointments and
I also have a wonderful
hypnosis CD or Mp3 that will get you the results that you want just as effectively as an in person or telephone hypnosis session with me will.

So if you are not a Reno Sparks  local or even if you are and  you don't want to wait for an appointment  or if you would  rather work with a stop vaping / stop smoking E- Cigarette CD and or MP3 on your own simply order one of the hypnosis programs