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Making and listening to music causes hypnosis.

If you are looking for High Quality
Piano or Singing Lessons In Reno or Sparks Nevada From A Professional Female Music Teacher
I want to tell you about an incredible music teacher who
teaches children and adults to sing and play piano.

She's affordable, gives private lessons and SHE GETS RESULTS FAST!

You might think it's odd there there is information on music, singing  and piano lessons on a website that's run by a hypnotist.  
But the fact is, I LOVE MUSIC!
I am involved in the creative artistic community here in Northern Nevada and I also sing and play piano and guitar.

However even though I hypnotize people to
get rid of  stage fright and to have more confidence in their singing and musical talents,  I am not a piano teacher or a vocal coach, singing, teacher or a  music teacher.

I posted this page  because I enjoy being a resource for other talented people and for people who want to learn to sing and play piano and are looking for a quality music teacher in the Reno area who is a PROFESSIONAL and gets RESULTS. That's why I want you to know about someone who DOES teach singing. piano lessons and over all music lessons.

Her name is Irina Kasimova
and she is a classically trained musician from the Ukraine
Irina speaks  English, Ukrainian and Russian. She teaches all styles of piano and singing. She is a remarkable Opera singer.
It does not matter if you want to sing or play Country, R & B, Rock, Opera, Jazz, Gospel or anything else. And it does not matter if you want to sing professionally or just better than everyone else on karaoke night...

Regardless of your music or vocal style she will teach you to sing at your highest level.
In the event you are unaware, singers who are trained to sing OPERA
are among the best singers on the planet.  The reason is that  the breathing and the special training  techniques that opera singers have  allows  any singer who is trained to sing Opera  to  create "tones" also known as "colors" in their voice that  ordinary singers can't create.

Ever hear Celine Dion? How about Klaus Meine of the Scorpions?
Whitney Houston?  Pat Benatar and Freddie Mercury?
They are all "Operatically" trained.

Notice how different each one of those singers are.  Yet they are all  trained in singing opera.
This is why it is such great training to have even if you have no desire to sing opera.

If you are interested in singing lessons, playing piano or  learning how to  read music  and you live in  the Reno, Sparks Northern Nevada Area  contact with  Irina Kasimona today.

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Singing and Piano Lessons in Reno, Nevada

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