reno cars and trucks for sale
If you are looking for a  new or used car or truck for sale and you  live in Reno,  Sparks,  or  Fernley, or any of our surrounding cities such as  Carson City, Lake  Tahoe, Dayton Nevada or anywhere in the USA ... I can help you. It does not matter if you are looking for a Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, INFINITI,  Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford or a Chevy I can help you get the car or truck that will suit your needs at an affordable price.  I also promise you a FUN, FAIR, EASY, RELAXED, & PRESSURE FREE car buying experience.

From birth we are HYPNOTIZED TO WANT A CAR
and that includes a truck too
Especially if you live in Northern Nevada.

Let's face it, people LOVE driving their car or truck.
Some people love cars and trucks  so much that they come to Reno from all over the United States to attend car events like Hot August Nights so they can drive their  classic car all over Reno, watch other people driving their cars or just sitting next to them in a hot parking lot.

I call it, "Car Hypnosis"

However there is one thing that  most people generally don't like doing, and that's   BUYING a car or truck from a car dealership  because they don't like CAR SALESMEN  and they find the experience of buying a car to be fearful, frustrating and generally unpleasant.


You might think it's odd there there is information on buying a cars  on a website that's run by a hypnotist.  
But the fact is, on March 1, 2018 I challenged myself to  start a  second career selling cars for the Acura / INFINITI Dealership in Reno, NV.

The reason that I did this was because of a few  things. 

The first one was that a fan of mine who came to one of my hypnosis shows here in Reno told me that there was another person with the name "Chris Cady" selling Toyota's somewhere in California.  I thought it was funny.
And I thought, "Hmmm a hypnotist who sells cars..."  It seemed like a funny idea for a comedy routine. I started thinking funny things like,  "You are getting very sleepy and  WANT to buy this car..."

The second thing that I thought was that I remembered my own experience shopping for a car and a truck from various car dealerships ( all of them shall remain nameless) and how the car salesperson at each dealership turned  what should have been a fun experience into combat.

All those car salesmen  did was "spring" on my wife and I like a "cheetah on a rabbit."
It did not matter where which car dealership we went to in Reno, Carson City or anywhere else and it did not matter which brand of car we were looking to buy. The experience was equally as awful.

So after I thought about this.  I thought of my own customer service skills and how I LOVE PEOPLE and how I have successfully helped  thousands of people over the years  either purchase entertainment, hypnosis and hypnotherapy services for either entertainment or for  health,  sports or other self improvement  reasons,  without being aggressive, pushy, manipulative, deceptive or dishonest.  My clients love me and I love my clients.

I also thought, " What if I sold cars and just helped people fulfill their automotive needs and what if I made it FUN for them while they shopped for a car or truck?"  " What if I made the car and truck buying experience a fair one?"  Would I be able to make a good living?  and  "Would any of the car dealerships in the Reno area  hire me?

So after much thought I attended a job fair and spoke with a very impressive recruiter who worked for Acura & INFINITI of Reno. We had a long talk and I attended a 3 day orientation / audition and  at the end of the orientation, the Reno Acura INFINITI dealership hired me to work as a car sales consultant.

In the last month I have learned a lot about Acura cars
and I am very impressed.

I also LOVE helping people select the car that is right for THEM!

Here is a photo of the fist client who I helped buy a car.  They are two very nice people from Fernley Nevada.
Who traded in a very nice large Mercury Grand Marquis because they needed a smaller car and bought a super cool beautiful Acura ILX from me with all the new features that they wanted.  When I met them the first thing the very nice lady said to me was " I thought Acura was a watch company."  I said, " Sounds like a great watch to me. I'd buy that watch!"  We all laughed and then I showed her several cars that all have clocks in them and said, "The customer is always right .  Acura does make watches."
We had a lot of fun & they drove away listening to George Straight on the premium Acura  satellite radio stereo.

If you buy a car or a truck from me I will make treat you the same way that I like to be treated and I will make  your experience FUN, EASY, FAIR, RELAXED

We also sell new, certified and used Acura's INFINITI and also used and certified Hondas, Toyotas, Lexus, Infinity, BMW, Nissan, Ford Trucks, Chevy, Scion, Dodge and other cars and trucks.

Regardless of the  brand of car that you want when you work with me I promise to LISTEN TO YOU.

I promise to listen very carefully to your wants and needs. So that you get the make, model size, color, price, and overall the type of car that YOU want at an affordable price.

I can also help you arrange for financing too.
We sell cars and trucks throughout Northern Nevada, California and all over the United States of America.

If you have any questions please email or call me.

Here are a few videos on the Acura RLX and NSX Cars

Looking for
a great, dependable, affordable car or truck  in Reno, Nevada?
How about anywhere else in the USA

I can probably get it for you.

We sell locally & we ship
cars & trucks all over
Nevada, California &
The United States.

For more info

email me at


or call me

Chris Cady
Car Sales Consultant


When I'm not on stage performing
in a showroom & making
people happy.
The car showroom is my stage
and my clients get a front row seat
to an amazing car buying experience.

If you buy an Acura or any car or a truck from me I will make your
car shopping experience

acura ILX car Reno NV
car hypnosis acura  nsx blue  mdx and rdx at acura of reno
Here I am jumping with excitement
and imitating a "typical"car commercial
after selling my second car. Which was
a beautiful Acura "Certified" 2015 RDX.
A nice family in Fernley, NV came and bought this from me.
They already have an MDX with 200,000 miles
that they LOVE!
But they wanted a newer car that was smaller then the large 3 row MDX.
This one had less than 30,000 miles and looked new.
Mom loved the way it FEELS!
They got a GREAT DEAL & I really enjoyed helping them.

Here is the third car that I sold.
Its a beautiful Acura TLX.
I sold it to a very nice nurse from Carson City who
had a Chevy Impala but wanted a newer car.
Her new Acura looks lonely because
I took this photo  a few minutes before she arrived
and then my Iphone battery died so I could not take
a photo of her with her new car.
We joked that because she lived in Carson City she might get a shotgun rack installed on the back dash
and ammo cases  installed
in the trunk.
She got a great car at a great price and I helped her pair her phone
to play her favorite music through the awesome stereo.
The fist song was by Michael Buble. His already  beautiful voice sounded incredible
through the Acrua stereo system.
hypnosis by acura nsx and tlx  acura reno chris cady
acura mdx and hypnotist Chris Cady at acura in reno
rlx sport hybred car 2018 hypnotic red reno nv drivers side view
acura rlx sport hybred car 2018 hypnotic red reno nv  passengers rear side view
acura rlx sport hybred car 2018 hypnotic red reno nv  rims wheel tire