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If you are interested in a PRIVATE guided photography tour of the Reno, Lake Tahoe, Virginia City, Sierra Nevada California area or if you want to be hypnotized to be a more confident, more creative photographer or to believe in yourself and  that making a living as a photographer is possible, I have some very unique information here for you on how hypnosis can help you as a photographer, creative artist and even a professional photographer / business person.

I can also take you on a private "Hypnotic" guided photography tour of  Northern Nevada including the entire Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Reno, Sparks, Virginia City area where we drive you in my car or yours so you can get the photos that you need without worrying about  driving or parking.


There are a ton of people who DREAM of being a professional photographer but doubt their ability to make a living as a professional photographer. Hypnosis can help you with that.

Photography has always been a big part of my life.   It is a major hobby of mine and I have always enjoyed taking vacation photos, nature, wildlife, pets, sporting events, concerts and interesting people and places.  For a while it was also my part time job when I lived in South Lake Tahoe. I  was a showroom / restaurant photographer and took literally thousands of photographs of couples and families who were  in the showrooms of Harvey's Hotel Casino and Caesar's Tahoe.

Not only did I learn to take great pictures of people of  every size, shape, nationality, skin tone etc and make them look their BEST,  but I also learned to SELL them the photos.  This enabled me to  learn the business side of  photography because I got immediate feedback on what  pictures people will PAY MONEY FOR. During this time I  learned that  YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE A REAL LIVING AS A PHOTOGRAPHER.

Often they would hire me to take them on a private tour of Lake Tahoe and photograph their family so that everyone could be in the photos. Plus having a private driver made the trip much more enjoyable. Sometimes they would get a cooler and pack it with food and beverages and make an entire day of it.  Other times people would have an idea that they would hire me to be their private  photography guide for the day.  We would  usually go to Emerald Bay, San Harbor, Cave Rock, Taylor Creek Marsh, Valhalla, Eagle Falls and in October - Hope Valley... sometimes even Virginia City and Carson Valley. It was always fun.

Now if you are a nature and or landscape photographer  or any other kind of photographer you  might wonder what this  story and  photography job has to do with your area of  photography. 

I'm here to tell you it has EVERYTHING to do with being a professional photographer because  its PEOPLE THAT PAY YOU for your photographs.

As well its your CONFIDENCE that directs everything that you will do as a photographer.  My OWN CONFIDENCE IS VERY HIGH. I realize that many people though are held back by lack of CONFIDENCE when it comes to  getting paid to  do something artistic especially when it comes to selling photographs or their photography services.

I can hypnotize you to be a better photographer!

Several years ago I had a client come to me for hypnosis

He was a very good photographer who had great gear, great skills and great ideas for shots   but lacked  THE SELF CONFIDENCE  NEEDED in-order to "go for it" and to "go pro" as a photographer.

Before we went out on our photography  tour I hypnotized him.

We started with a 2 hour hypnosis session in my office in Reno where  we worked on SELF CONFIDENCE   as a photographer.
Basically to believe in himself and in his abilities and to believe that he could take pictures that people would happily PAY MONEY FOR.  I also hypnotized him  so that he would keep his thinking, "in the moment" and not  have self doubt and to worry about  things that have nothing to do with  taking the actual picture.

As well one of his  personal challenges was in speaking with and photographing and posing  "strangers" in public and asking for a "model release."

Hypnosis fixed everything for him.

Then we went on a 2 day long  photography tour of Lake Tahoe, Hope Valley, and The  Reno, Sparks Area Truckee Meadows area.

We drove to several scenic locations  throughout  the Sierra Nevada / Reno Tahoe Sparks area and even Virginia City where he photographed  Lake Tahoe, local creeks, waterfalls,   plants, flowers, wildlife, horses,  boats, beaches, etc. We photographed sunrise and sunset and experimented with many photographic ideas.

In each location I would re-hypnotize him for self - belief, self - confidence as a photographer.

The results were AMAZING
He got GREAT  breathtaking pictures ( I believe that he would have gotten these great photos even without hypnosis because he already had the skills) but what MADE THE DIFFERENCE was that whenever there were people,  he actually spoke with them and offered to take their photographs with their cameras and again with his. He had them sign a model release and he offered to email them his professionally posed photos.  The people were delighted to get professionally posed pictures taken at scenic views of Tahoe  and he  got experience and an immediate boost in his self-confidence as a photographer.

This was very unusual for him because he was more of an introvert and approaching total strangers was an "alien concept" to him so  he really enjoyed the feeling of CONFIDENCE AND ACCEPTANCE AS A REAL PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

It was this hypnosis session along with my private guided photography tour of  Tahoe, Reno and Hope Valley that gave him the courage and confidence to  become a FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!
And it happened because through hypnosis I helped his subconscious mind  accept that he was a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER and meeting these "strangers" who treated him like a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and not just " some guy with a camera"  reinforced that he WAS INDEED A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

He now makes a nice living as a photographer.

He told me that at first he worked part time on the weekends as a photographer and then went FULL TIME into photography.

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. A good photograph puts you into hypnosis. It grabs you visually and evokes emotion. This is why whenever I hypnotize a client  privately or a volunteer in one of my hypnosis shows I start by telling them to put an image, or a photograph into their mind and then experience the feeling that goes along with that picture. In most cases it's something that  is relaxing to them. In the case of a performer I have them picture something that is creative and empowering and that is associated with their performance.

I have athletes experience mastery in their sport, stress reduction & stop smoking clients experience a relaxing picture or place, ( most people tell me that they picture something that is associated with nature such as a beach or a beautiful meadow or mountain setting, and weight loss clients picture themselves looking and feeling confident at their ideal weight.   Whatever it is for you a good picture is hypnotic and creates a state of hypnosis.

Photography is such a passion for me that I hope I can help you with yours so if you want to be hypnotized or you just need a photography guide here in the Reno Lake Tahoe area  I'm here to help. Just call for your price which varies based on your needs.